July 2018
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Message from Your ACHE Regent - Spring 2018
Sponsorship Highlight - KaMMCO
Sponsored Students Reflect on ACHE 2018 Congress
Student/Early Careerist Spotlight
Advancing in ACHE - Part 2
4 Steps to Establishing Your Leadership Philosophy
Enhance Your Decision-Making Skills: 3 Tips
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Judy Corzine, FACHE
Stormont Vail Health
Topeka, KS

President Elect

Tony Thompson, FACHE
Allen County Regional Hospital
Iola, KS

Past President
Roger Masse, FACHE
Ellsworth County Medical Center
Ellsworth, KS


George M. Stover, FACHE
Hospital District #1 of Rice County
Lyons, KS


KHA Liaison
Ronald W. Marshall
Kansas Hospital Association
Topeka, KS

ACHE Regent
Patricia Sanders-Hall
High Road Coaching
Overland Park, KS


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Sponsored Students Reflect on ACHE 2018 Congress

My time at the 2018 ACHE Congress was unlike any other experience. I have never attended a conference of such scale before, and I was amazed to see so many people from across the country who share one passion. In addition to the student focused sessions, I was able to attend several lectures about modern healthcare, potential changes, and the uncertain future. I found these sessions to be very valuable in demonstrating the flexibility needed as a healthcare leader. Additionally, I gained helpful information about fellowships, ACHE resources, and the challenges of healthcare. I hope this knowledge will assist my growth as a student and as a future healthcare leader. – Pooneh Nazaran

I enjoyed all of the sessions I attended, but three sessions stand out in particular. First, was a presentation about Physician Integration and Alignment given by the CEO of UW Health. This session was of particular interest to me since I will begin an Administrative Fellowship at UW Health this summer. I found the presentation to very insightful into strategies to successfully align physicians and increase physician engagement. Another outstanding session was titled “Leadership Development for Developing Leaders.” This session was given by an Administrative Fellow preceptor at Barnes Jewish Hospital. Finally, the last session I attended at Congress was titled, “Changing the DNA of Healthcare in the Age of AI.” I found the focus on innovation, consumerism, and telemedicine in this presentation to be very inspiring and futuristic. – Sarah McKittrick

As a student attendee, much of our curriculum focused on preparation for entering the workforce and learning from executives about their career paths. I appreciated the balance between sessions focused on advice for students and sessions focused on current healthcare issues. We had the opportunity to learn from successful executives at various stages in their careers, and I was impressed by the level of honesty and candidness displayed by these individuals. They truly cared about educating future leaders and were open to sharing both their successes and mistakes. – Ariel Shifter

Many of the student track seminars focused on career advice and how to develop as leaders. Some of the best advice came from leaders who told their own stories of success or failure. One of my favorite speakers discussed, “Four Rules to Never Lose Sight of in Your Career.” The first one was, know your why; make yourself memorable; get comfortable with being uncomfortable; and the 80/20 rule, which includes saying yes 80% of the time. – Gabrielle Morales

Throughout my first experience at Congress, I enjoyed continuous opportunities for networking and further education. The first session I attended was for new congress attendees, and offered a speed networking activity, which was one of the most valuable experiences I took away from Congress. I met students, top executives, and military members, which helped introduce me to the diversity within the American College of Healthcare Executives. – Grace Sirois

One of the best lessons I learned was during a session titled “Tools for the Next Generation of Leaders: Lessons from the First 10 Years” presented by Laurie K. Baedke and Natalie D. Lamberton Their quote “networking is a lifestyle, not an action; a relationship, not an event" resonated with me. Networking is connecting with people about many shared ideas and beliefs. I networked with people and gained a connection with someone who can benefit the start of my career. – Alicia Bingham

The few days in Chicago really helped open my eyes to possibilities around the country in the healthcare field and how important it is to put yourself out there. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be returning to Congress next year and look forward to furthering my education with the sessions and conversations there. I can’t thank you enough for the scholarship and support from KAHCE. Without it, I never would have had this experience or opportunity to grow, learn, and strive for higher success as a student and future healthcare professional! – Katerina Woods

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