December 2018
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Judy Corzine, FACHE
Stormont Vail Health
Topeka, KS

President Elect

Tony Thompson, FACHE
Allen County Regional Hospital
Iola, KS

Past President
Roger Masse, FACHE
Ellsworth County Medical Center
Ellsworth, KS


George M. Stover, FACHE
Hospital District #1 of Rice County
Lyons, KS


KHA Liaison
Ronald W. Marshall
Kansas Hospital Association
Topeka, KS

ACHE Regent
Patricia Sanders-Hall
High Road Coaching
Overland Park, KS


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KAHCE Kansas Association of Health Care Executives


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From the Desk of the KAHCE President
Judy Corzine, FACHE

As I was wrapping up my term as KAHCE president last week by submitting the year end reports to ACHE, I began thinking how quickly a year passes and what we focused on last year. 

A year ago a new KAHCE leadership group began working together to provide great education to our members. Although our attendance numbers were lower this year, partly due to a decrease in KHA conference attendance, we provided great programs to our members. We are looking for creative ways to expand attendance in 2019 through the use of video technology to provide face-to-face credit for attendees at a distant location from the originating educational event site. 

A year ago we began focusing on trying to do education jointly with HFMA. We provided that joint education this year and developed a better partnership with HFMA in the process. We continue to look for opportunities to involve financial management leaders, nursing leaders, and physician leaders to become involved with KAHCE.  

A year ago we began to understand that enhancements should be made to our communication and working relationship with Missouri to make our KCLPC stronger. We have already implemented several of the changes and plans for all 2019 KCLPC educational activities are already being finalized. 

A year ago we talked about how to find enough sponsors to support our goal of sending a larger number of students to Congress. We were able to achieve this goal, with 7 students attending Congress. The need for sponsors is a concern again for 2019, and our sponsorship team is developing creative ways to obtain sponsors. 

A year ago we discussed a desire to make community outreach a part of our events. We were able to provide food to harvesters during our fall education session and have plans for a “hands-on” community support event in 2019.  

A year ago we talked about wanting to do more with our military members. We were able to create an agreement that allows us to participate in some of the education events sponsored/hosted by our military members. We are hoping to have more participation with the military and VA in 2019 by including both military and VA representatives on our board.  

A year ago we talked about the need to help our members in their career development with a focus on the areas of diversity, mentoring and advancement. Although we didn’t achieve some of our goals for these areas in 2018, we have committee chairs excited about taking the lead and helping our members in 2019.  

I want to thank all the individuals who held a leadership role in KAHCE in 2018 for their hard work and focus on making KAHCE a great organization. I look forward to seeing our KAHCE organization continue to improve in 2019 and into the future. 

2018 KAHCE President 
Administrative Director and CIO 
Stormont Vail Health

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