June 2022
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Todd Willert, FACHE
Community Healthcare System
Onaga, KS

President Elect:
Tracy O'Rourke, FACHE
Stormont Vail Health
Topeka, KS

Past President:
Trenton Stringer
HCA Healthcare
Overland Park, KS

Brady Hoffman
Stormont Vail Health
Topeka, KS

George M. Stover
Hospital District #1 of Rice County
Lyons, KS

Treasurer Elect:
Austin Gillard, FACHE
Clay County Medical Center
Clay Center, KS

KHA Liaison:
Ronald W. Marshall
Kansas Hospital Association
Topeka, KS

ACHE Regent:
Richard W. (Wes) Hoyt, LTC (Ret), FACHE
Saint John Hospital
Leavenworth, KS

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From the Desk of the KAHCE President
Todd Willert, FACHE

A retrospective on the first six months of 2022 

Last week the summer solstice came and went without much fanfare except for the realization that 2022 is now half over! Where did this year go? The majority of my colleagues and co-workers feel the same way…2022 may go down as the weirdest year ever! And I’m not even touching all of the social and political events of the first 6 months!  

We roared in to 2022 with perhaps the greatest surge of the pandemic. Our hospitals were seeing record numbers of patients and worse yet, we were losing more associates to illness than at any time of the pandemic. In January 2022 alone our hospital had more employees out with COVID than the entirety of 2021! At the same time we were dealing with critical testing supply shortages as well as those of monoclonal antibodies. Transferring critical patients took days if you could find an open bed anywhere. To top it off we were trying to make sense of the Federal Vaccine mandate and laws enacted by the Kansas Legislature. It seemed as COVID would never end…and then it did. The numbers started declining in Mid-February and kept going. 

I know I spent about 3 weeks trying to understand what happened. COVID just “went away”! And this seemed much different than what happened in spring of 2021. That never seemed real. It was just a temporary pause. I then started taking inventory of everything I had not done in the past 2 years and that was both depressing and exhausting.  

We now seem to be in a Sitzkrieg with COVID. It’s still out there raising its ugly head now and again, but we’re not seeing the hospitalizations we did before. One of our nursing homes recently experienced an outbreak of more than 13 infected residents. Thankfully no one passed away, and only one required hospitalization. We have come so far in identifying cases, mitigating spread and effective treatments, to say nothing of vaccines.  

The first 6 months of 2022 have been a whirlwind of emotions and activities. Things are just starting to feel “normal” again, although we’re still not sure what that looks like. Thank you to all of my colleagues out there who have led their hospitals and communities through the greatest public health crisis of the past 100 years! It again shows how remarkably resilient healthcare is!  

Be sure to join us on September 7 in Overland Park for our annual meeting and fall educational conference. Anthony Armada, FACHE and Chair of the ACHE Board of Governors, is scheduled to speak at our meeting. He is enthusiastic and a great spokesperson for the College. The education committee is working hard on providing a great educational experience with 4.5 F2F credits, so mark your calendar for September 7.

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