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KAHCE Membership Expands
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KAHCE Membership Expands
Bob Bregant, FACHE, Membership Committee Chair
New to ACHE
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the executives who recently became Members and those who have advanced or recertified as Fellows in ACHE in 2012. Below is a link to the ACHE website with the names of those individuals.

I appreciate the opportunity to chair the Membership Committee for 2012. Our goal for this year is to increase membership by 3 percent with a stretch goal of 5 percent. Based on 2011 figures, this is an increase of 13-20 members, an attainable goal with the support of all current members. Please encourage any of your peers who you know are not currently members of KAHCE to consider joining. Feel free to contact me for membership education materials and applications if you identify a prospect.

Additionally, the committee will continue to focus on goals established by my predecessor, Dave Engel, who did an excellent job of setting a vision over the last couple of years. Those include:
  • Develop strategies to recruit non-hospital members
  • Create a program of membership Incentives  
  • Increase student involvement in KHA and KAHCE
    • Present to related undergraduate and graduate programs 
    • Meet with KUHPM staff and students
  • Collaborate with the Kansas City LPC to improve KC member engagement
  • Develop a Wichita LPC and consider strategies for Military, student, and rural LPC Development 
  • Contact Hospital Leadership Team Members to encourage ACHE/KAHCE Membership
Non-Member Survey
As part of our recruitment strategy, the Membership Committee has been surveying Kansas hospital CEOs who are not members of KAHCE to determine reasons why they are not members and if there are ways KAHCE can enhance their benefits to make the organization more attractive to them. The trends we are identifying include:
  • Budgetary and time constraints
  • Career path that focuses on other professional organizations, such as in the fields of nursing or finance
  • Concern about KAHCE educational offerings not focusing on rural hospital challenges
A positive outcome of the survey is that we have identified a number of prospective candidates who are interested in joining. We are in the process of providing these individuals information and application materials. 
Become Board Certified
Maximize your professional potential by earning the premier credential in healthcare management. When you become board certified in healthcare management as an ACHE Fellow (FACHE), you'll have the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed. 
Apply Now and Save $200!
Submit your completed Fellow Application with the $250 application fee by June 30 and ACHE will waive the $200 fee to take the Board of Governors Exam once your application has been approved (the waiver is valid for six months).
You must be an ACHE Member with at least two years of healthcare management experience and must hold a master's or other advanced degree to be eligible to apply for Fellow status.
All follow-up materials (e.g. references) must be submitted by August 31 for the waiver to be valid.
Fellow Advancement Webinars
Register for an upcoming Fellow Advancement Webinar. Fellow advancement webinars provide a general overview of the advancement to Fellow process, including the Board of Governors Examination and allow participants to ask questions about the advancement process.