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From the Desk of the KAHCE President
Trenton Stringer

What a time to be in healthcare! At a time of year when most people should be planning vacations or family time, most of us find ourselves not having that privilege this year. These have been trying times as we have all had to jump hurdle after hurdle to keep our doors open and our facilities safe.

Coronavirus has and continues to impact all of our work day after day. As a younger professional, I did not think I would experience something like this so early in my career. After talking to several KAHCE members and Board members, they have also echoed that they have never seen anything like this before in their careers. Suffice it say, this has definitely been a learning experience for all of us.

Unfortunately for our members, we had to cancel our Spring Education event in Manhattan earlier this year due to the virus. It was a difficult decision to make, as we will not hit our goal of offering 12 Face-to-Face credits this year, but felt that it was the safest option for all. ACHE Congress was also cancelled due to the virus, falling in line with other major professional organizations. We will be meeting over the next few weeks to work on our Fall Education event that is scheduled to take place in Overland Park this year. We will be discussing with the Board and the Education Committee to see what that event will look like during these interesting times. My gratitude is offered to both of these groups and to all of our members that are doing work that falls outside the norm.

To our members, thank you for everything you are doing in your organizations and communities to improve and maintain the health of those you serve.

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. And I hope to see you all soon!