Kansas Association of Health Care Executives - Spring 2012  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  President's Message
•  Message from Your ACHE Regent
•  Student Corner
•  KAHCE Membership Expands
•  KAHCE Awards Six Scholarships
•  Are You An "Effective Executive?"
•  Using Your Performance Appraisal Process as a Tool to Support Healthcare Reform
•  How to Address a Sensitive Topic With Your Team
•  To Sustain Momentum, Focus on the Positive
•  Ensure delivery of Chapter E-newsletter (Disclaimer)


President's Message

by Janet Stanek, FACHE

KAHCE involvement contributes to a successful career. 

Spring greetings. I am pleased to report that our KAHCE members and committee chairs remain active and engaged which I am most appreciative of.  I have also received multiple inquiries from new members coming into the state about not only joining KAHCE, but how they can get involved.  This will continue to make for a healthy chapter.

Healthcare continues to make front page news.  As a healthcare professional, it can be a challenge keeping up with all of it and even more challenging to know what to focus on, while trying to maintain your regular job.  Payor reform, compliance matters, Pay for Performance, physician employment models, tax exemption, quality, mergers and acquisitions…the list goes on.  Keeping abreast of these things takes some personal responsibility.  We owe it to ourselves and our organizations to take the time to engage in our professional associations, read our professional journals, network and collaborate better right where we work in order to learn and stay on top and ahead of these things so that we can continue to provide quality and affordable care for our communities. 

Many of our members get involved because they are focused on expanding their horizons.  I suggest we all remain curious instead of overwhelmed.  There is a lot out there to be curious about.  The more you know, as they say.

Please feel free to contact me at jstanek@stormontvail.org with your ongoing advice and suggestions.  Thank you.