Kansas Association of Health Care Executives

July 31, 2011

President's Message

by Jeremy Armstrong, FACHE

KAHCE moving forward in 2011...

Thank you!  It is a short but powerful phrase that we should share more often.  I want to thank you, the KAHCE membership, for your continued support of our chapter. Your membership, volunteerism, and participation are all vital to the success and improvement of our chapter. 

Your feedback is also important to our efforts to continually improve.  We want to hear from you about how we can do better.  As a KAHCE member, you should have received an e-mail from ACHE asking you to complete an online chapter survey.  If you’ve completed the survey, thank you – again. If you haven’t completed it yet, please take a few minutes to fill it out.   These surveys help us better understand your needs.  You are also welcome to e-mail me, Jeremy.armstrong@slhmarion.org  with any ideas or suggestions.

I saw several familiar faces at our two-day education event on June 21-22.  Caldwell Butler & Associates offered several excellent ideas in their session titled, “Aggressively Improve Cost, Quality, and Throughput.”  Day two involved education panels regarding "Developing High Performance Teams" and "Managing for Morale-Effective Management Techniques to Retain Your Staff."   Attendance was very good, and I look forward to the remaining education sessions scheduled for August and November.  Please see the education section for dates and times.

As always, thank you for your support and participation.  I look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Take Advantage of Category I Hours in Kansas

Heather Fuller, Education Committee Chair

ACHE Category I Webinar scheduled for August 25, 2011.

The Kansas Association of Health Care Executives invites you to participate in our educational Webinar from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 25, 2011.    The topic for this panel discussion is "Sustaining a Financially Vibrant Health Care Organization." The seminar qualifies for 1.5 ACHE Category I credit.

Today's health care executive faces many challenges. Issues from workforce shortages to the need to update technology and make facility infrastructure improvements as well as provide safe high quality patient care make financial challenges extraordinarily complex. In addition, health care leaders face ever increasing regulatory demands and diminishing financial rewards. What organizational strategies are available to health care executives to affect their organization's bottom line? How can leaders use meaningful metrics to examine such areas as product lines and supply chain costs and revenues? What are the critical links that exist between financial and non-financial managers (or clinical and nonclinical managers) that can impact the financial health of departments and the organization as a whole? Join us for answers to these and other questions.

To register for this Webinar, go to the brochure on the KAHCE Web site.

Membership is Growing!

Dave Engel, Membership Committee Chair

Welcome to new KAHCE members! 

I would like to welcome the following new members to KAHCE since April 2011:


  • Steven M. Brooks, Dodge City
  • Jeff Forrest, Dodge City
  • Janice I. Harp, Overland Park
  • Rick Hertzenberg, Overland Park
  • John N. Hughes, Dodge City
  • Mary J. Martell, Topeka
  • Ben Vallier, Wichita


  • Todd Tangeman, Newton


  • Rachelle D. Babin, Overland Park
  • Will Liggett, Wichita
  • Christine Ricci, Lenexa
  • Andrew Warnes, Olathe

Welcome letters to KAHCE have been sent to all new members this calendar year.

ACHE Division Name Changes
ACHE's Division of Education is now known as the Division of Professional Development, and the Division of Membership is now known as the Division of Member Services. The new names reflect recent structural changes at ACHE that brought the Healthcare Executive Career Resource Center from the Division of Research into the Division of Education, and the research arm of ACHE's Division of Research into the Division of Membership. The structure changes are designed to enhance service to ACHE affiliates. Navigation to resources on ACHE's website remains unchanged.

Are You Due to Recertify in 2011?
Recommit to lifelong learning! Visit my.ache.org to learn if you are due to recertify your FACHE credential in 2011. My.ache.org will provide you with:                                         

  • A list of the Category I (ACHE education) credits you have obtained and a place to indicate the Category II credits you have obtained
  • A list of all requirements for recertification
  • A link to your personalized online recertification application

Visit my.ache.org now to check your recertification status. For more information on recertification, contact the ACHE Customer Service Center at (312) 424-9400.                                       

The KAHCE membership committee will once again be hosting a membership booth during the KHA Annual Convention and Trade show in Wichita.  Those interested in assisting with the booth are welcome to contact Dave Engel at dengel@phillipshospital.orgBe sure to save the dates, Nov 16 and 17.

KAHCE Mentoring Program Coming Fall 2011

Meda Bower, Consultant

KAHCE Mentoring Program is ready to begin.

A KAHCE benefit is related to mentoring. Mentoring is also one of ACHE’s top priorities. In fact ACHE believes that healthcare executives have a professional obligation to mentor so as to better prepare healthcare leaders for the healthcare systems of tomorrow.  Mentoring is defined as a program in which the mentor serves as a role model, trusted counselor, or teacher who provides opportunities for development, growth and support to less experienced individuals; or the process whereby an experienced, highly regarded, empathetic person (the mentor), guides another individual (the mentee) in the development and re-examination of their own ideas, learning, personal and professional development

There are numerous benefits of mentoring for the mentee as well as the mentor.  The benefits for the mentee include:

  • Promotes a professional relationship that provides trust, guidance, and support
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Provides a forum for professional dialogue
  • Provides role model
  • Creates quicker learning curve
  • Increases commitment
  • Support socialization
  • Strengthens knowledge base and improves communication
  • Creates new support networks
  • Supports certification
  • Models advocacy role in health care reform
The benefits for the mentor include:
  • Provides intrinsic satisfation
  • Demonstrates professionalism and commitment
  • Enhances leadership skills
  • Promotes professional recognition
  • Provides time to examine one's own goals
  • Shares wisdom and knowledge
  • Enhances self-esteem and status in the organization
  • Supports career growth

The KAHCE mentoring program will not be dependent on face-to-face meetings.  Mentors will be matched with mentees.  This fall, KAHCE will offer mentoring training.  This training will consist of a one hour LIVE meeting and will focus on the foundations of mentoring, including available resources and mentor expectations.  If you are interested in being a mentor or have any questions about the mentoring program, email mbower@saint-lukes.org.

The KAHCE mentoring program is intended for those professionals that are relatively new to their leadership position.  If you are interested in being mentored, email mbower@saint-lukes.org.

More Keys to Success

Quick encouragement for success.

Take Small Steps to Improve Time Management
When you are really behind, small gains in efficiency and time management might not make much sense to you. While these efforts add up to real improvement, you probably feel like you do not have the time to take baby steps: You need a major change, and you need it now.

On the contrary, small steps are the only way out when you are way behind. Instead of looking for a quick fix, make the following changes, and commit to making realistic progress:

  • Prove you can do it. Overcome one small change to prove to yourself that change is both possible and beneficial. Once you see that you can tackle a problem or meet a goal, you will have the confidence to do it again and again.
  • Prioritize. If you are facing a backlog of tasks, pick a few items that you can dig into right away. Choose ones that will have an immediate, appreciable impact.
  • Do not get ahead of yourself. Once you have a few small wins under your belt, will you be ready to tackle a massive overhaul of the way you work? Instead of committing to revising every single practice within the next month, keep identifying specific high-priority steps that you can take right now. They will add up to genuine change.
  • Share your strategy. Others may be as frustrated as you are with your former ways of working. Let everyone know that you are making lasting improvements. Acknowledge the time it will take honestly: “I may have 999 miles to go, but I am picking up the pace right now.” Your honesty and drive will inspire others to do the same.

Build on Excitement
Excitement is one characteristic of successful workplaces. Excited workers show abundant energy and willingness to complete projects and assignments on time and on budget. They have faith, hope and passion. However, workers who are too excited may need your assistance to calm down, take stock and move from excitement to action. You might be able to generate some excitement among your staff, but the next step is to get them to buckle down and focus. To focus the energy of your staff, ask a few questions.

  • “What concrete steps can we take to turn this energy into an action plan? What is the first thing we should do?”
  • “What might need to change so everyone involved feels as excited about this as we do?”
  • “What are the parts of the plan that we feel a little less excited about? How should we address that?”
  • “Whom should we involve so we can stay excited about this?”

Adapted from Communication Briefings, June 2011

KAHCE Welcomes Title Sponsor

Jeremy Armstrong, President

Read about our charter title sponsor, ACI/Boland, in their own words.

We are so pleased to welcome ACI/Boland as KAHCE's first Title Sponsor.  Here is some information on ACI/Boland in their own words:

ACI/Boland is an architectural, planning, and interior design firm. We pride ourselves in our client partnerships. Many firms may say this; we are committed to it. We have completed a large variety of project types. However, many of our clients have found the true advantage of partnering with us is our knowledge and expertise in the fields of Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Interiors, Public Sector and Senior Living.


ACI/Boland has the ability to provide a wide variety of successful project types in all 50 states. Our primary focus has been throughout the Midwest.

Mission since 1975
We continually strive to go above and beyond your goals, timelines, and expectations. We remain focused on project objectives, while always remembering our performance will lend itself to repeat business and referrals from our clients. We bring a group of highly talented and knowledgeable professionals to every project who are personally committed to serving as your resource. We concentrate on optimizing our client's time, money, expectations and results.

If you know of a company that would also like to become a sponsor for KAHCE, contact Heather Fuller.

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