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Message from Your ACHE Regent - Summer 2021

Richard "Wes" Hoyt, Jr., FACHE

Greetings KAHCE Healthcare Leaders,

Happy August! It is great to write to you again and share the latest updates from ACHE. I admit, when I last spoke with all, the last thing on my mind was ramping up for another round of COVID-19 response. I cannot begin to express my admiration and gratitude to each and everyone for continuing to fight the latest variant of COVID-19 while also taking care of our communities. Thank you.

As we continue our efforts to meet the healthcare needs of our communities, our role as healthcare leaders is critical to helping us persevere and overcome this crisis. Daily, we are tested, as well as our teams. Our Mission and Vision statements and our Core Values are relevant and provide the framework for our actions:

Vision – To be the preeminent professional society for Leaders dedicated to advancing health.

Mission – To advance our members and healthcare leadership excellence.

Core Values -We are committed to and live out our core values through our work:

Integrity – We advocate and demonstrate high ethical conduct in all we do.

          Lifelong Learning – We recognize lifelong learning is essential to our ability to       
          innovate and continually improve ourselves, our organizations, and our profession.

– We lead through example and mentoring, and recognize caring must 
          be the cornerstone of our professional interactions.

          Diversity and Inclusion
– We champion diversity and foster inclusion to advance 
          equity in the workplace and the communities we serve.

Recently, the Board of Governors met to discuss the proposed strategic plan after receiving feedback from the various districts. Here are the key themes from the Strategic Planning Retreat: Catalyst, Connector, and Trusted Partner.

In our role as Catalyst,ACHE will commit to leading for equity and safety. In doing so ACHE will:

 • Be a thought leader and champion to drive solutions that advance equitable care. As

priorities, we will:

Leverage organizational partnerships (including chapters) to drive DEI efforts.

Be an essential resource to leaders in creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive


Grow the number of diverse member leaders.

 • Recommit to and amplify the importance of safety, providing the tools and strategies

needed to drive toward zero preventable harm.


In our role as Connector, ACHE will commit to growing our professional community across the healthcare continuum by leveraging our partnerships with chapters and other organizations. In doing so, ACHE will:

 • Identify new ways to enhance the ACHE/chapter partnership and better leverage the role

of chapter leaders and volunteers in providing value to members.

 • Strengthen our interprofessional community by making ACHE the professional home for

healthcare leaders across the care continuum.


In our role as Trusted Partner, ACHE will commit to deepening engagement with members and the healthcare community through education, networking, and career services to inspire and cultivate leaders to advance health. In doing so, ACHE will:

 • Grow the membership community to enhance opportunities for leaders to learn and grow.

 • Accelerate the adoption of board certification (FACHE) as the gold standard for leading.

 • Expand partnerships with CEOs/C-suite/employers by supporting their efforts to develop

a strong, resilient leadership workforce.

 • Educate, engage and inspire those newer to leadership roles, including early careerists, to

fulfill their highest potential in the profession throughout their careers.

 • Accelerate the use of technology to proactively meet the challenges of a rapidly changing

environment and create unparalleled learning experiences.

There will be more to come as the strategic plan is broken down into objectives and goals at the chapter level.

Some incentives and programs currently being offered by ACHE include:

2021 Membership Drive – Refer your colleagues today. Receive a $25 discount coupon through the Leader to Leader Rewards Program for every new member you refer. New members joining in August can save 58% on their membership for the remainder of 2021.

Please remember to explore the virtual Face to Face offerings sponsored by ACHE. You can find the listing of courses on the ACHE webpage, under the Learning Center tab à Virtual Face to Face Courses.

Reminder…Still Time Left: Recent Grads Can Transfer to Full Membership for Free: Now through Aug. 30, Student Associates can transfer to full membership free of charge and experience all the benefits of being a Member. Full membership means automatically belonging to ACHE’s Early Careerist Network, being able to begin accruing Member tenure toward the one-year requirement to become a Fellow, and participating in ACHE’s Leader-to-Leader Rewards Program. Recent graduates can jumpstart their career today by visiting My ACHE to transfer to Member status. Visit ache.org/Students for more information about transferring.

As healthcare leaders spread across the state of Kansas, I encourage all to stay abreast of the issues that impact our profession. A key resource and advocate for all of us is KHA. Please visit their website for frequent updates on state and national topics. https://www.kha-net.org/       

I also encourage all to visit and bookmark the Kansas Association of Healthcare Executives webpage for the latest news and updates. This is also where you will find the quarterly newsletter. https://www.kha-net.org/AlliedOrganizations/KAHCE/        

It is an honor and privilege to serve as your Regent. I hope to see you all at our next face-to-face education opportunity. If I can be of service to you or your organization, please reach out to me. I can be reached at rwhoytjr67@gmail.com or LinkedIn (rwesleyhoyt). Thanks for all you do for our Chapter, profession, and communities. It isn’t easy work, and it is totally exhausting. I will close by sharing some words that I find inspiration in, from Francis of Assisi, “Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Keep up the great work!


Richard W.(Wes) Hoyt, LTC (Ret), FACHE
Chief Operating Officer

Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System

Regent for Kansas

(620) 899-0566

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