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Healthcare Leadership: Supporting Women Executives


Healthcare Leadership: Supporting Women Executives

Women’s Equality Day was celebrated August 26, 2017. This day began to commemorate the adoption of the 19th Amendment of the United States constitution which prohibited government from denying citizens the right to vote based on sex. It has since developed into a day to unite to celebrate and assure the rights and privileges of all citizens.

Pay equity and discrimination remains at a 20% discrepancy with women making 80 cents for every dollar a man makes (Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 2017). It is predicted Hispanic women will not receive equal pay until the year 2248, more than 20 years after African American women in 2124.

Within healthcare specifically, it is reported that women account for 78% of the healthcare and social assistance workforce (Warner, 2014). Women are making it to middle management with female managers at 73% (Chase, 2012). And that’s where most of them will end their career. The executive suite has sustained at approximately 70% Caucasian male for decades and the gains in diversifying this group has been minimal. The goal is not to hinder men who have earned a promotion, but to ensure women are receiving a fair chance at the same earned promotional opportunity.

Women often are not recognized for their roles as subject matter experts or their career accomplishments. A recent research study by the British Medical Journal by Filardo, da Graca, Sass, Pollock, Smith & Martinez observed only 37% of prestigious research journal articles are written by women. Dr. Julie Silver’s research on women physicians receiving awards from medical societies has demonstrated 40 years of women not receiving awards from medical societies out of the 48 years reviewed (Silver, 2017). That is what is referred to as the “inexorable zero”! This term is used to describe situations in which there is an absence of women or minorities in the area under analysis. We should never tolerate having women represented at a rate of zero.

Yes, women continue to represent roughly 50.8% of the U.S. population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016). What will make the difference? Men supporting women. #HeForShe is one example of a campaign in which men are showing their support for gender equality.

How can men make the difference in an exceptional woman’s career? Don’t just be a mentor, be a sponsor. Ensure she makes it to the diversity pipeline by recommending her for career development programs and career opportunities. Have awareness of gender bias and promote change. Let the change start with you.



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Warner, Judith (March, 2014). The Women’s Leadership Gap: Women’s leadership by the numbers. Retrieved from file:///C:/Users/Dr%20Love/Downloads/WomenLeadership.pdf

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