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Message from Your ACHE Regent - Spring 2018
Alan Weisman, FACHE

Welcome to spring, although you could never tell from the weather we had in March and April.

I would again, as I do in each of these messages, like to thank the Board, which includes our dedicated committee chairs, for their hard work to make this a stellar chapter.

I am pleased to recognize Megha Kachalia, MD, Chair, for her leadership of the Program Committee. The Programming Committee plays a crucial role in the chapter. The chair of the program committee is responsible for planning and coordination of the educational sessions and other events to provide information on a broad range of topics to the chapter members. The chair also recruits members to serve on the committee, who come from a diverse background and breadth of experiences, which helps the committee bring a variety of topics and resources to the programs. Active and resourceful members on the committee are the key to bringing a successful program together.

The program topics are selected via a multi-step process, looking at past meeting evaluations and current events to identify topics of interest to the members, identifying expert speakers to present the topic, usually via their professional network. The committee chair coordinates the topic, agenda and outline of the presentation with the speakers, helps with presentation slides, and ensures all the equipment needs are met at the location.

On March 15, our educational/networking event, entitled “Leading in a Multigenerational Organization,” featured our panelists discussing the generational differences in core values, lifestyle and work-related issues that pose a unique challenge for leaders. This program was very timely as healthcare changes and our leaders strive to manage in this environment.

For those of you who are new to MAHCE, this is the norm for our networking/educational events. Our topics always provide information that relates to the current healthcare environment. I encourage you to attend on a regular basis, not only for the education, but for networking with your colleagues.

MAHCE conducted its Board of Governors Exam Review Course on May 3 and 4. There were 28 attendees and the program was led by 9 members of MAHCE who are experts in the field. We were happy to welcome participants not only from Maryland, but from New Jersey and Virginia. This new format of 1 ½ days was met with great reviews and we wish all attendees the best of luck when taking the exam. Remember, if you take our course and pass the exam, your course fee is refunded!

If you are considering advancement to Fellow, I would like to hear from you and assist in any way, to include speaking at your place of employment, to help you achieve this distinction. Please feel free to call on me.

We have an exciting year ahead of programs and networking. Please watch your email and the MAHCE website at for announcements.

Congratulations to those new Fellows shown below. I was happy to meet some of you at Congress.

Jacqualyn Anderson, RN, FACHE
Michael Cetta, MD, FACHE
Cheryl Cioffi, DNP, RN, FACHE
Steven D. Clayton, FACHE
Teara J. Collins, FACHE
Susan L. Glover, RN, FACHE
Durenda A. Juergensen, RN
Kimberly M. Justice, FACHE
Nils D. Lonnerdal, FACHE
Donna Marquess, FACHE
Michele R. Martz, CPA, FACHE
David Pierre, FACHE
E. Caroline Satyadi, DBA, FACHE
Judith A. Townsley, FACHE
Welcome to our new members:

Steven Capo   
Elizabeth A. Davies, RN, DBA 
Marian Fogan  
Leonor Garcia 
John W. Herzke, II      
Joshua E. Jacobs        
S. Muna Jeter, RN      
Genevieve Mbamalu   
Imran E. Siddiqi, MD   
Kathryn A. Waldeisen  
Derin A. Wilson           
Capt Saira Aslam, MD 
Christian J. Balcer       
Carletta Brooks-Nelson           
Gabriel S. Gomez       
Carita R. Jamison        
David Kamau, MBA     
Charles N. Kodjo, MD 
Laura Mercer  
Virginia Morris 
Daniel Richardson       
George Ruiz, MD        
Jaime J. Simon Barnes, DO    
Mary E. Smith 
Krista L. Wall   
Wanda Watlington, MD
Jamie B. White, PhD, RN        
Robin C. White
Nicole K. Williams        
Tasha Brown, RN        
Kenneth L. Canonge   
Timothy Dorsey, MBA 
Ariana Lecaj
Cynthia J. Lozier
Edward H. Martin, II    
Jeffery D. O'Neal, MBA
Joseph Travagline
Matthew Trojanowski  
Catherine Wille
Ayokanmi Omolewa
Dwayne Richardson
Marcel Wright

Again, I would ask that you become active in MAHCE as a volunteer, as there are many opportunities where you can make a difference. Please do not hesitate to call on me or any of the Board members. I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

Best wishes for a pleasant summer.

Alan S. Weisman, FACHE

Regent for Maryland