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President Elect


President's Mesasge

As we gather with family, friends, and other loved ones during this holiday season, I find it helpful to both reflect on the events that took place this year and envision on what is coming ahead in the next. For 2017, the ACHE-North Florida was able to provide 18 hours of Face-to-Face credits across our four local program councils (LPC). This would not have been possible without the dedication of our LPC directors, organizers, and those who volunteered to be panelists and moderators. In addition, our chapter was able to collaborate with other Florida-based ACHE chapters to have a joint Board of Governors Exam review session in conjunction with the annual Florida Hospital Association meeting in Orlando. This event met a warm reception and we are looking forward to future efforts. 

I would also like to extend my congratulations to the following members who earned their FACHE credential for all their hard work and persistence in achieving such a designation:

Christopher H. Hasse, FACHE

LT Brendan O'Boyle, FACHE

Darin C. Roark, FACHE

Bradlee Robbert, FACHE

Bert C. Scott, FACHE

Darinda E. Sutton, FACHE

Looking ahead to 2018, the LPC directors and their teams are already working hard to schedule and promote face-to-face educational and networking events. We’re aiming to provide up to 33 hours of Face-to-Face credits (12 in Jacksonville, 12 in Pensacola, 6 in Gainesville and 3 in Tallahassee) by replicating 8 panel discussions across the chapter. In addition, we’re working with other healthcare professional and higher educational groups to promote additional opportunities. I am greatly appreciative for everyone’s involvement in making these opportunities possible and look forward to meeting members at our upcoming events. 



Anthony A. Koffman, FACHE

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