North Florida Chapter

Winter 2017 Issue

President's Mesasge

As we gather with family, friends, and other loved ones during this holiday season, I find it helpful to both reflect on the events that took place this year and envision on what is coming ahead in the next. For 2017, the ACHE-North Florida was able to provide 18 hours of Face-to-Face credits across our four local program councils (LPC). This would not have been possible without the dedication of our LPC directors, organizers, and those who volunteered to be panelists and moderators. In addition, our chapter was able to collaborate with other Florida-based ACHE chapters to have a joint Board of Governors Exam review session in conjunction with the annual Florida Hospital Association meeting in Orlando. This event met a warm reception and we are looking forward to future efforts. 

I would also like to extend my congratulations to the following members who earned their FACHE credential for all their hard work and persistence in achieving such a designation:

Christopher H. Hasse, FACHE

LT Brendan O'Boyle, FACHE

Darin C. Roark, FACHE

Bradlee Robbert, FACHE

Bert C. Scott, FACHE

Darinda E. Sutton, FACHE

Looking ahead to 2018, the LPC directors and their teams are already working hard to schedule and promote face-to-face educational and networking events. We’re aiming to provide up to 33 hours of Face-to-Face credits (12 in Jacksonville, 12 in Pensacola, 6 in Gainesville and 3 in Tallahassee) by replicating 8 panel discussions across the chapter. In addition, we’re working with other healthcare professional and higher educational groups to promote additional opportunities. I am greatly appreciative for everyone’s involvement in making these opportunities possible and look forward to meeting members at our upcoming events. 



Anthony A. Koffman, FACHE

Envision Physician Services Is Seeking Ways to Encourage Women to Pursue Leadership Roles

When weighing your options for your next professional move—whether it’s choosing a practice after residency or embarking on the next phase of your career— finding a company that supports and recognizes the contributions of women is an important factor in your decision.

Envision Physician Services invests in its physician leaders, developing and promoting talented individuals who work hard to enhance the delivery of healthcare. It’s that commitment to our physicians over the last 40 years that has enabled our company to attract some of the best and brightest women in emergency medicine. 

This fall, Envision Physician Services is hosting the multispecialty panel discussion “Fostering Women in Leadership” during its annual leadership conference. The goal is to have an open dialogue to allow both men and women to share the challenges of and opportunities for fostering women leaders in medicine.

“During an executive women leadership meeting, we realized that despite having women represented at some of the most senior levels of leadership, all of our service lines could benefit from a greater number of women in leadership roles. Through this effort, we’ll uncover the barriers that women face in pursuing these roles and develop ways to overcome them,” explained Rebecca B. Parker, M.D., FACEP, Senior Vice President of Payment and Practice Integration for Envision Healthcare, Senior Vice President for Leadership and Education for Envision Physician Services and Immediate Past President of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

The session will provide a forum for panelists to share:

·       Real-life experiences of being advocates for women in leadership

·       Situations when they wished they had someone to advocate for them

·       What has shaped their thinking and the questions and challenges they have faced

·       How to recognize implicit bias and mitigate the impact it has on others

·       Effective ways to foster diversity

·       Strategies for developing innovative, diverse teams

·       Ways to influence others to create an environment of inclusion

“Because of its size and scope, Envision Physician Services can make a meaningful impact on improving leadership opportunities for women in medicine,” Dr. Parker said. “Envision is uniquely positioned to lead this conversation with senior women physician leaders from multiple specialties. By bringing their collective experiences and knowledge together, these women leaders will move the needle in novel, and effective, ways.”

Envision Physician Services is the exclusive sponsor of the American Association of Women Emergency Physicians (AAWEP) section meeting at ACEP’s Annual Scientific Assembly and FemInEM’s FIX2017 conference, both in October. The company’s ongoing support of these initiatives demonstrates its commitment to the individual woman physician attending these meetings, and also to the entire community of women physicians in the specialty of emergency medicine. These events help build relationships that encourage learning from one another, sharing experiences, breaking down barriers and forming a support system.

“It’s a journey, and more and more women are getting involved in the physician leadership track, joining committees and jumping on the leadership ladder,” said Dr. Parker. “Envision Physician Services’ is committed to supporting women in emergency medicine and we look forward to the future.”

To learn more about opportunities at Envision Physician Services—at any stage of your career—visit

Membership Article


As we move into the Fall season, the membership team would like to encourage you all to renew your membership before it lapses. ACHE continues to offer many great services at a tremendous value. Visit My ACHE to explore these resources such as the Job Center, various healthcare publications and educational opportunities such as webinars. ACHE frequently offers quality, face-to-face programs at discounted prices for members. We would like to encourage you all to visit the North Florida ACHE website,, for information on our upcoming events throughout the chapter.


Many of our members are eligible to become Fellow’s (FACHE) and several have started the process. The membership team wants to urge you all to move forward with the process before the end of the year. This is a distinguished board certification in healthcare management. The process is easy, beginning with an application and a nominal application fee. Please visit the credentialing section for eligibility requirements at, The membership team and your local LPCs are here to support you through the process.