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Officers and Board of Directors - 2016-2017

Ceu Cirne-Neves, CPHQ, FACHE
Vice President, Physician & Support Services
Saint Barnabas Medical Center
RWJBarnabas Health

Immediate Past-President
Scott Serbin
Director of Marketing, Recruiting and Clinical Education

Jeffrey Egnatovich MBA, RN
Manager, Clinical Practice
Meridian Health


Bruce Keele

Financial & CFS Senior Director

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.



Jodi McCaffrey, FACHE  
Social and Content Marketing Manager


First Member at Large
Paula Gutierrez, MHA, CPTC
Transplant Administrator
NJ Sharing Network

Second Member at Large
Alex Puma
Analyst, Academic Affairs
Monmouth Medical Center


Membership Chair
Maria C. Miranda  
Director, Reimbursement Services
BESLER Consulting

Nancy DiLiegro, PhD, FACHE
Vice President of Clinical Operations and Physician Services
Chief Clinical Officer
Trinitas Regional Medical Center


2016-2017 Organizational Chart



Articles of Interest
The No. 1 Secret To Career Success

The No. 1 Secret To Career Success

Bruce Kasanoff ,   CONTRIBUTOR MAY 20, 2016


Let's get right to your answer: The secret to your success is to remember what you should be doing, and to actually do it. If this sounds insanely obvious, let me ask you: Day after day, even when it gets hard, are you doing the right things?


Most people don't. Most people try to be smarter or better or more clever or more independent than everyone else. For many years, I fell victim to these traps, too.


I spent a big chunk of my career trying to be at least one of the smartest people in the room. There was a good reason for this: It was my job.


Long story short, technology companies love "thought leadership" because it helps them sell tech. So for many years, my job was to deliver "thought leadership" speeches and training programs. But eventually, it dawned on me that by trying to invent my own smarter version of the world, I was acting dumber than pretty much everyone else. It was all just words, all just one person trying to invent the Next Big Thing.


One day, I had an epiphany: People don't need the Next Big Thing; they simply need better ways to remember to do the right things.


In other words, you know what to do, you just don't do it. This may be because you lack willpower, clarity, or grit.

The challenge, of course, is not simply remembering the solution. The challenge is remembering the solution when you really want to forget it.


Simple example: If you want to lose weight... eat less and exercise more. You know this. But can you remember it when you are at a dinner with friends on your second glass of wine and everyone orders dessert?


To test my ability to solve this problem, I gave up alcohol for a full year (2016). My experience so far is that my willpower stays strong in the absence of alcohol. (If I was still in the "thought leadership" business, I'd market this as the Alcohol-Free Diet, although no one but me would probably try it.)


So remembering to do what's important often involves understanding your weaknesses, strengths, and environment.


In the context of an organization -- be it a small team or a public company -- the same problem occurs. Someone has a vision, one that is practical and makes sense. The team adopts it. But two months later, things are getting messy. Four months later, chaos reigns.


You can't just say the solution. Identifying it is not nearly enough. You have to remember the solution, day after day.


You have to help other people overcome their uniquely human challenges, which largely revolve around the fact that we lack willpower, clarity, or grit. Your organization probably lacks these things too, especially clarity.


Instead of giving all your employees a book and saying, "Do this," craft a plan to repeat the same message thousands of times. Yes, thousands. Turn it into pictures. Add it into conversations. Put it on forms and weave it into processes. Hell, make it the name of a sandwich in your cafeteria.


Do the same thing at home. Don't buy books to find the Next Big idea. Buy books to help you focus your energy and attention on what you already know you should be doing. Join groups and make friends for the same purpose. Get radical... if your neighborhood encourages too much eating, drinking and lounging around... move. Yes, move.


You know the right thing to do. Are you going to do it, or just look for an easier idea that you can pretend is right?




As a Fellow of ACHE, you know the importance of earning the distinction of board certification in healthcare management. Continue to share your passion for professional development and healthcare management excellence with your colleagues!

Your encouragement can make a difference with a person's decision to begin the journey towards a major milestone in the career – earning the prestigious FACHE® credential. And like you, they can be recognized for their competence and dedication to lifelong learning.

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There is added incentive for your fellow ACHE colleagues to act now with our Exam Fee waiver promotion that runs March 1 – June 30. The offer entails that when an eligible Member submits a completed Fellow application with the $250 application fee, they will receive a $200 exam fee waiver pending approval of their application.

Direct your colleagues today to ache.org/FACHE where they can learn about credentialing requirements and submit their application.

We thank you for sharing your commitment to advancing healthcare management excellence with your colleagues!

Your efforts are rewarded with Leader-to-Leader points!
Through our Leader-to-Leader program, your efforts to strengthen ACHE and the healthcare management community translate to great rewards when existing Members list you on their application and successfully advance to Fellow status. Learn more about this popular member referral program at ache.org/L2L.

Questions? Our Customer Service Center can be reached at (312) 424-9400, contact@ache.org, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m Central time.

If you would prefer not to receive news and information about ACHE Fellow recertification via email, please send a message to contact@ache.org and enter "NO_EMAIL_L2L" in the subject line. Please include your full name, mailing address, and member ID number (if known).

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