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ACHENJ December 31, 2020
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Message from the President
Michael A. Pizzano, MAS, ACHE-NJ President
Message from the President

American College of Healthcare Executives – New Jersey Chapter

Message from President, Michael A. Pizzano, MAS

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.”  2020 has challenged us all in the healthcare field.  As President of this chapter, I have had conversations with those on the frontlines and listened to the horror stories that they saw.  I have had conversations with executives and listened to the tough decisions they had to make to help those on the frontlines, their patients, and their communities.  However, both groups, though beaten and battered by this dreaded infection, still hold on to hope.  I have had conversations with how lives were saved, how the curve was flattened, and how lives were beginning to come back to some type of normalcy.  As I write this we are in the midst of the second wave.  We are better prepared due to what we learned, our frontline staff are better equip, and our decisions are based on science and medicine to keep everyone safe.  A light is at the end of the tunnel with vaccines being approved and new therapeutics in place.  Most importantly, we held onto the hope that there would be a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.  We are JERSEY STRONG!

When I started my term, I had BIG plans of what I wanted to do to put my stamp on healthcare in New Jersey.  Did it happen the way I wanted to?  Absolutely not.  But, is it happening?  Absolutely!  That is all because I have the best group of volunteers on our Board.  This fine group of healthcare focused minds have been positive through this whole process with the common goal to help those in New Jersey navigate through this global pandemic through education and not slowing down to make healthcare better in New Jersey.  Through half of my term, we had a sold out virtual meet and greet for new members, a seven part summer webinar series on COVID-19, a COVID-19 What we learned through the eyes of key leaders in New Jersey, giving back through the Autism Speaks Walk on Wheels, a face to face program on Equity of Care, and a great financial discussion on healthcare operations finance.  Those are just to name a few!  We resurrected our Annual Meeting and introduced the first Mini Congress in New Jersey.  These events were spread out virtually over two days to honor healthcare leaders in New Jersey and had outstanding panels discuss the hottest topics in healthcare.  The support these leaders showed during this Mini Congress shows why NJ is tops when it comes to leadership in Healthcare.  On behalf of our Board, I want to again thank those that have helped make these events so successful, giving folks some normalcy, having some fun, and educating our members.

So what is next?  Stay tuned!  We would love to get back together and hold in-person events, but we cannot make that decision just yet.  Regardless, we are planning to hold multiple events virtually if we cannot get back to in-person just yet.  ACHENJ has shown that we can still educate, still have fun, and still make healthcare in New Jersey better, if it’s accomplished virtually!  

I would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season, and a safe, successful, and HEALTHY 2021!



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Upcoming Events dependent on lifting of restrictions on social distancing, we will be continuing virtual events if needed - Stay tuned for more details on our website, social media, and E-Mail blasts!
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