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Spring 2010
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Message from the President, Kathy Bizzaro, FACHE
Message from the Outgoing Maine Regent - March 2010
Message from the NH Regent - Spring 2010
Message from the VT Regent - April 2010
Message from the Maine Regent - Spring 2010
Guest Contributor Article - Joe Loring, FACHE
Board of Governors Exam Fee Waiver Promotion
Board of Directors - As of May 2010

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Kathleen A. Bizarro, FACHE

Peter J. Wright, FACHE

Gerald J. Vicenzi, FACHE

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Board of Directors
Kris Doody, RN, FACHE
Bea Grause, FACHE
Tina Legere, FACHE
Henry D. Lipman, FACHE
Patsy Aprile, FACHE
Joseph L. Woodin
William J. Lipkin-Moore, FACHE
Karen Clements, FACHE

Message from the Outgoing Maine Regent - March 2010

Darlene Stromstad, FACHE

Regent Award Honors Professionalism and Education

Noting her contributions to the strategic initiatives of ACHE – membership, knowledge, career advancement, leadership and service excellence – Carol Sinclair of the Maine Hospital Association was honored as the Maine Regent’s Award recipient at the annual MHA winter conference in Bethel.

Sinclair was recognized for her long term contribution to healthcare knowledge, career advancement and service excellence through her 14 years at MHA. During her career there, she has consistently delivered quality healthcare programs which both educate and entertain. Also consistently, through Carol’s involvement in more than 400 events during her years at MHA, her attention to detail and to service excellence result in an exceptional experience for all those in attendance.

Each year Regents have the privilege of honoring two individuals who contribute to healthcare leadership.  ACHE provides support to Regents in developing criteria in promoting and selecting deserving recipients who frequently are selected from those professionals who support and are actively engaged in ACHE activities and in their local affiliated chapters.

ACHE also encourages and supports selecting professionals who may not fit the “young careerist” or “senior professional” category through the Regent’s Award. This allows Regents to take into consideration individuals who contribute to the strategic initiatives of ACHE of membership, knowledge, career advancement, leadership and service excellence – people like Carol Sinclair.

ACHE Website

A reminder to ACHE membership that the American College of Healthcare Executives website is easy to navigate and provides a long list of resources for education and career development. 

Simply go to As an ACHE member, click on “Affiliates Only”, enter your last name and affiliate number (which you can receive from ACHE if you don’t remember it) and a list of services will be available.

The career link provides a wide list of job opportunities while educational programs are also listed.  The site is easy to use and is yours to take advantage of as an ACHE member!


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