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Spring 2010
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Message from the President, Kathy Bizzaro, FACHE
Message from the Outgoing Maine Regent - March 2010
Message from the NH Regent - Spring 2010
Message from the VT Regent - April 2010
Message from the Maine Regent - Spring 2010
Guest Contributor Article - Joe Loring, FACHE
Board of Governors Exam Fee Waiver Promotion
Board of Directors - As of May 2010

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Kathleen A. Bizarro, FACHE

Peter J. Wright, FACHE

Gerald J. Vicenzi, FACHE

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Board of Directors
Kris Doody, RN, FACHE
Bea Grause, FACHE
Tina Legere, FACHE
Henry D. Lipman, FACHE
Patsy Aprile, FACHE
Joseph L. Woodin
William J. Lipkin-Moore, FACHE
Karen Clements, FACHE

Message from the NH Regent - Spring 2010
Tina Legere, FACHeE

The Regents Leadership Conference was held this past March.    The Council of Regents used a “Regent Think Tank” process to help the 2010 Governance Task force identify strengths and opportunities for the ACHE governance structure & processes and the relationship between Regents and chapters.  This process allowed Regents to have input for discussions and decisions moving forward.  We discussed the relationship between Regents and the chapters.  We are fortunate in NH with the Chapter Board comprising all 3 Regents, from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  The relationship allows a way to enhance strategic alignment between the Chapter and ACHE and to advance the ACHE mission at the local level.   Examples of the Think Tank discussion included discussion around the relationship between the Regents and Chapter to create strategic alignment, strengths and opportunities, open and honest communications between ACHE leadership and chapter leadership.  There was also a great deal of discussion on Diversity in Healthcare Management and the encouragement for Regents and chapters to reach out and focus on education, mentoring and diversity in our profession.  

The 53rd Congress on Healthcare Leadership was held in Chicago on March 22-25.  Christopher D. Van Gorder, FACHE, president/CEO, Scripps Health, San Diego, made his first address as ACHE’s 2010-2011 Chairman at the Congress Opening Session.  He stated “American College of Healthcare Executives affiliates know about changes in healthcare, because we have lived those changes.  When change takes place - no matter how or where it originates - it is healthcare leaders on the front line who find a way to make it work.”  ACHE’s vision is “To be the premier professional society for healthcare executives dedicated to improving healthcare delivery.”  ACHE’s mission is “To advance our members and healthcare management.”   I encourage you to consider growing in your career, advancing to Fellow status, and becoming involved in our Chapter.  

If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me @ , or (603) 421-2101.

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