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Message from the President, Kathy Bizzaro, FACHE
Message from the Outgoing Maine Regent - March 2010
Message from the NH Regent - Spring 2010
Message from the VT Regent - April 2010
Message from the Maine Regent - Spring 2010
Guest Contributor Article - Joe Loring, FACHE
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William J. Lipkin-Moore, FACHE
Karen Clements, FACHE

Message from the Maine Regent - Spring 2010

As I returned from my first ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership, Regent Orientation, and Convocation Ceremony for new Fellows, my overall reaction is “why did it take me almost 20 years to attend?” and “when is next year’s meeting?”

Since certifying as a CHE in 1996 and subsequently as a Fellow, I have always been proud of this designation, an acknowledgement of recognition among my peers.  I have always been active in local chapters, always finding the networking and peer interaction valuable.  However, attending Congress and being fortunate to serve you as Regent have really opened new vistas for this “late careerist.”

From the moment I arrived at the first Regent orientation session prior to Congress to the last education session, I was struck by how flawlessly the ACHE staff handled the myriad events and that somehow I was a peer among this group of nationally accomplished healthcare leaders.

Since I had not attended my induction ceremony, the highlight for me was the Convocation Ceremony for new Fellows held on Sunday.  Filing in as a Regent, a colleague among some of the most accomplished healthcare leaders in the country, I was slightly conflicted, proud of my accomplishments, yet totally humbled by the esteemed company I was now keeping.

I trust that I will meet your expectations and serve you well as your Regent.


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