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Message from the NH Regent - Spring 2010
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Message from the Maine Regent - Spring 2010
Guest Contributor Article - Joe Loring, FACHE
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William J. Lipkin-Moore, FACHE
Karen Clements, FACHE

Guest Contributor Article - Joe Loring, FACHE

Guest Contributor

Joe Loring, FACHE



I have worked in the health care field for more years than I would want to publicly admit and have been a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives for what is more easily counted by decades, than by years.  I suspect that many younger health care professionals more practical than I aspire to becoming a “Fellow “as the next logical step in advancing their heath care leadership career.”  For myself, I pursued this end more for self-validation than the next logical step to career advancement. 


Last August, I had read that a former colleague, Tina Legere, FACHE, had become the NH Regent to the American College of Healthcare Executives.  I contacted her and complimented her on this achievement.  During our exchange, she asked me, “what about you, when are you going to advance to Fellow?”  Challenged by her words, I decided that it was time for me to do something about my relationship with ACHE. 


I had already satisfied requirements for work experience, community service, graduate school education and the non-ACHE continuing education credits.  Therefore I signed up for the on-line tutorial available through ACHE to prepare for the Board of Governor’s (BOG) exam in addition to obtaining necessary ACHE Category I credits.  Midway through this 12 week on-line tutorial, I also learned of another opportunity available through our local chapter.


Our local ACHE chapter offered a study group that would help prepare for the BOG exam.  It is offered without cost and requires a minimal investment of time for reading, test question preparation and weekly small group conference calls.  Peter Wright, FACHE from Littleton Regional Hospital in Littleton, NH, led our study group of seven over the course of several weeks.  He always encouraged us, even though we often disputed the “correct answers” provided to him by the American College of Healthcare Executives.  He arranged a few guest speakers for these phone calls knowledgeable in areas of study such as law and human resources.  He also hosted a former study group student ( Karen Clements) who passed the exam some time last year.  I have yet as of this writing met most of the small study group participants in person, but look forward to doing so in the future.


In January 2010, one of our study group members passed the exam. Of course, Janet Carroll from Fletcher Allen in Burlington, VT, in turn challenged the rest of our group to also schedule the exam.   Learning of her success, I worked quickly to assemble my FACHE application to obtain the necessary authorization to sit for the exam.  After obtaining references from my CEO, Peter Davis, FACHE at St Joseph Hospital, in Nashua, NH, Tina Legere, FACHE, CEO at Parkland Medical Center in Derry, NH and Kathy Bizarro, FACHE, Executive Vice President from the New Hampshire Hospital Association, in Concord, NH, I received approval from ACHE to sit for the BOG exam. 


Just a couple of weeks ago at the Pro Metric testing center in Concord, NH, I pressed the “finished” key on my computerized exam.  A few seconds later I read the word “Congratulations!” you have passed the Board of Governor’s exam.  “MY ACHE” web page now reads: “Congratulations on your advancement to Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives!  Effective immediately:  you can proudly display the “FACHE’ credential on all of your correspondence.”


I hope that many of you read this and decide regardless of where you are with your health care career to “Just do it”!    In six months time you too may be asked to write your own article on your advancement to “Fellow”.




Take Care,


Joe Loring FACHE

Executive Director

First Choice PHO at St Joseph Hospital

Nashua, New Hampshire


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