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Message from the President, NNEAHE
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Message from Your Maine ACHE Regent - Summer 2016
Message from Your New Hampshire ACHE Regent - Summer 2016
Message from Your Vermont ACHE Regent - Summer 2016
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Marie Vienneau, FACHE

Michael Zemany, FACHE




Message from the President, NNEAHE
Message from Your Maine ACHE Regent - Summer 2016

Message from Your ACHE Regent
Summer 2016

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful Maine summer!  I often hear people say on a warm summer day, “this is why I live in Maine.”  It certainly does make all of those long winter months worth the wait!

Thanks to all of you who attended the ACHE breakfast at the MHA summer forum in June.  The turnout was excellent to hear about “Trends and Challenges in Hospital Revenue Cycle.”  The speaker was an ACHE colleague and Fellow, Jason Adams, FACHE of NI2 Health.  The talk generated great questions and discussion and was well received by all.   Thanks to my former Regent colleague Patsy Aprile, FACHE for guiding me through my first official event!

I’ve had the opportunity this summer to have an intern from Husson University.  We do not have an MHA program nearby, so when approached I agreed to take an intern from the Bachelor’s in Healthcare Studies Program.  We have developed a 100 hour program for her to expose her to multiple areas of healthcare management.   Our goal was to give her a flavor of multiple career choices that she may pursue after she graduates, as well as graduate level degrees to pursue.   Of course, orienting them to ACHE and all of the benefits to students is on the agenda.  If the feedback is good, I hope to make this an annual education event for the student, and myself!  I encourage you all to seek out mentoring opportunities like this one.  It is really a great experience and the students truly enjoy learning in the field!

I’m looking forward to our Fall District Conference and our Chapter’s Annual meeting this fall. Both should be great events! I will update you on those in my next newsletter! 

Marie Vienneau, FACHE
Regent for Maine

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