Message from the President, Kathy Bizzaro, FACHE

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Our board composition continues to evolve with two people leaving the board and two new members joining us. Craig Jesiolowski, FACHE who had served on the NNEAHE board since it’s inception and was completing his term as Past-President recently re-located to MA to take on a new hospital CEO role. Darlene Stromstad, FACHE, completed her term on the NNEAHE board with the passing of the Maine Regent baton to Gerry Vicenzi, FACHE at this year’s ACHE Congress. Darlene has taken on a much larger role with ACHE. She was just elected a Governor!  Congratulations!


The NNEAHE board voted to fill two vacant positions at its Strategic Planning Retreat held in January 2010:


Patsy Aprile, FACHE, Vice President of Operations at Goodall Hospital, Sanford, ME

Karen Clements, FACHE, Patient Care Administrator at Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, ME


We’re thrilled to have them working with us! The complete list of your NNEAHE Board members is available in this newsletter. Check it out and welcome our new board members!





We’re continuing our successful teleconference series this year. Henry Lipman, FACHE, chairs our Member Engagement Committee and has worked with several new members of his committee to develop these new offerings:


April 16, 2010: “The Pay-for-Call Issue: What Hospital Executives Should Know”, featuring Leonard Henzke and Jason Lee of ECG Management Consultants


June 25, 2010: “Service Excellence”, featuring Mary Oseid, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center


September 10, 2010: “Healthcare Reform: What does it mean at the state and federal level”, featuring Bea Grause, FACHE, President, Vermont Association of Hospital and Health Systems, Steve Ahnen, President/CEO, New Hampshire Hospital Association and Steve Michaud, President, Maine Hospital Association


Look in your email in-boxes for the teleconference series announcements and registration information! We’re always looking for some great program ideas, so please send them along to me.




I hope you all have put November 11 and 12, 2010 on your calendars. Please join us for the next NNEAHE Annual Meeting at our new location at the Inn at Mills Falls in Meredith, NH. We’re just getting started with our meeting plans together so look for more details soon.






Kathy Bizarro, MBA, FACHE

President, NNEAHE


Message from the Outgoing Maine Regent - March 2010

Darlene Stromstad, FACHE

Regent Award Honors Professionalism and Education

Noting her contributions to the strategic initiatives of ACHE – membership, knowledge, career advancement, leadership and service excellence – Carol Sinclair of the Maine Hospital Association was honored as the Maine Regent’s Award recipient at the annual MHA winter conference in Bethel.

Sinclair was recognized for her long term contribution to healthcare knowledge, career advancement and service excellence through her 14 years at MHA. During her career there, she has consistently delivered quality healthcare programs which both educate and entertain. Also consistently, through Carol’s involvement in more than 400 events during her years at MHA, her attention to detail and to service excellence result in an exceptional experience for all those in attendance.

Each year Regents have the privilege of honoring two individuals who contribute to healthcare leadership.  ACHE provides support to Regents in developing criteria in promoting and selecting deserving recipients who frequently are selected from those professionals who support and are actively engaged in ACHE activities and in their local affiliated chapters.

ACHE also encourages and supports selecting professionals who may not fit the “young careerist” or “senior professional” category through the Regent’s Award. This allows Regents to take into consideration individuals who contribute to the strategic initiatives of ACHE of membership, knowledge, career advancement, leadership and service excellence – people like Carol Sinclair.

ACHE Website

A reminder to ACHE membership that the American College of Healthcare Executives website is easy to navigate and provides a long list of resources for education and career development. 

Simply go to As an ACHE member, click on “Affiliates Only”, enter your last name and affiliate number (which you can receive from ACHE if you don’t remember it) and a list of services will be available.

The career link provides a wide list of job opportunities while educational programs are also listed.  The site is easy to use and is yours to take advantage of as an ACHE member!


Message from the NH Regent - Spring 2010

Tina Legere, FACHeE

The Regents Leadership Conference was held this past March.    The Council of Regents used a “Regent Think Tank” process to help the 2010 Governance Task force identify strengths and opportunities for the ACHE governance structure & processes and the relationship between Regents and chapters.  This process allowed Regents to have input for discussions and decisions moving forward.  We discussed the relationship between Regents and the chapters.  We are fortunate in NH with the Chapter Board comprising all 3 Regents, from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  The relationship allows a way to enhance strategic alignment between the Chapter and ACHE and to advance the ACHE mission at the local level.   Examples of the Think Tank discussion included discussion around the relationship between the Regents and Chapter to create strategic alignment, strengths and opportunities, open and honest communications between ACHE leadership and chapter leadership.  There was also a great deal of discussion on Diversity in Healthcare Management and the encouragement for Regents and chapters to reach out and focus on education, mentoring and diversity in our profession.  

The 53rd Congress on Healthcare Leadership was held in Chicago on March 22-25.  Christopher D. Van Gorder, FACHE, president/CEO, Scripps Health, San Diego, made his first address as ACHE’s 2010-2011 Chairman at the Congress Opening Session.  He stated “American College of Healthcare Executives affiliates know about changes in healthcare, because we have lived those changes.  When change takes place - no matter how or where it originates - it is healthcare leaders on the front line who find a way to make it work.”  ACHE’s vision is “To be the premier professional society for healthcare executives dedicated to improving healthcare delivery.”  ACHE’s mission is “To advance our members and healthcare management.”   I encourage you to consider growing in your career, advancing to Fellow status, and becoming involved in our Chapter.  

If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me @ , or (603) 421-2101.

Message from the VT Regent - April 2010

Vermont Legislative Update – April 2010

The Vermont legislature continues to grapple with a number of issues that will likely have a direct impact on hospitals and their patients. With less than one month to go, lawmakers are under immense pressure to find ways to cut the state budget without harming vulnerable Vermonters or dismantling investments in current or planned healthcare reform solutions. 

Hospital Cost Containment
The Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (VAHHS) and hospital representatives have been working with legislative leaders and state regulators to balance hospital “belt-tightening” measures without jeopardizing a hospitals' ability to respond to community needs. VAHHS remains cautiously optimistic that this balance can be achieved, but warns that the alternative outcome could mean undue restrictions on every hospital's need for flexibility and autonomy.

The State Budget
Lawmakers are hearing about the negative impact cuts will have on Vermonters and it is becoming clear to them that cutting costs does not reduce the need for services. Many of the cuts, including those to the mental health system, are part of a controversial proposal called “Challenges for Change.” The proposal is a joint effort by the administration and legislative leaders to reduce government spending by $38 million for SFY2011 through efficiencies, consolidation and cuts. While some of the proposed cuts have been rescinded, the state budget bill has already passed the house and there is little time to identify alternative savings of $38 million. 

VAHHS is working to help the State close the existing budget gap in an effort to preserve access to healthcare services. Our primary approach is by devising new solutions around a provider tax that the state collects from hospitals (except the Vermont State Hospital and the VA). Even this solution will not solve the growing gap between patient’s healthcare needs and the State's ability to meet those needs through the Medicaid program. 

State Healthcare Reform
Vermont already has more than 60 healthcare reform initiatives “in the pan”, but even with these reforms in place, the system is unsustainable. Some legislators think that, like an omelet, the system must be “flipped” at some point. S.88, a bill that proposes to study at least three health system redesigns recently passed the Senate. The bill is headed to the House Healthcare Committee where the Chair plans to merge it with legislation he has been working on. While it is likely that some form of healthcare reform will pass, it may not amount to more than a study or new instructions on how to continue reform efforts. 

Impact of Federal Healthcare Reform on Vermont
While there is financial risk for all hospitals in the new federal law, there are also several opportunities for pilots, grants and expansions that would provide federal assistance for programs that Vermont plans to or has already implemented. For example, thanks to the legislation, Medicare may begin participating in the Blueprint for Health, Vermont’s integrated chronic care initiative. This would provide enhanced payments to primary care physicians and help fund community health teams.    

Hospitals are concerned about provisions that would cut payments as coverage increases. Vermont has a very low rate of uninsured and there is no guarantee hospitals will see the increased coverage translate into utilization of services.  

Message from the Maine Regent - Spring 2010

Perspectives from a new Regent .......

As I returned from my first ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership, Regent Orientation, and Convocation Ceremony for new Fellows, my overall reaction is “why did it take me almost 20 years to attend?” and “when is next year’s meeting?”

Since certifying as a CHE in 1996 and subsequently as a Fellow, I have always been proud of this designation, an acknowledgement of recognition among my peers.  I have always been active in local chapters, always finding the networking and peer interaction valuable.  However, attending Congress and being fortunate to serve you as Regent have really opened new vistas for this “late careerist.”

From the moment I arrived at the first Regent orientation session prior to Congress to the last education session, I was struck by how flawlessly the ACHE staff handled the myriad events and that somehow I was a peer among this group of nationally accomplished healthcare leaders.

Since I had not attended my induction ceremony, the highlight for me was the Convocation Ceremony for new Fellows held on Sunday.  Filing in as a Regent, a colleague among some of the most accomplished healthcare leaders in the country, I was slightly conflicted, proud of my accomplishments, yet totally humbled by the esteemed company I was now keeping.

I trust that I will meet your expectations and serve you well as your Regent.


Guest Contributor Article - Joe Loring, FACHE

Guest Contributor

Joe Loring, FACHE



I have worked in the health care field for more years than I would want to publicly admit and have been a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives for what is more easily counted by decades, than by years.  I suspect that many younger health care professionals more practical than I aspire to becoming a “Fellow “as the next logical step in advancing their heath care leadership career.”  For myself, I pursued this end more for self-validation than the next logical step to career advancement. 


Last August, I had read that a former colleague, Tina Legere, FACHE, had become the NH Regent to the American College of Healthcare Executives.  I contacted her and complimented her on this achievement.  During our exchange, she asked me, “what about you, when are you going to advance to Fellow?”  Challenged by her words, I decided that it was time for me to do something about my relationship with ACHE. 


I had already satisfied requirements for work experience, community service, graduate school education and the non-ACHE continuing education credits.  Therefore I signed up for the on-line tutorial available through ACHE to prepare for the Board of Governor’s (BOG) exam in addition to obtaining necessary ACHE Category I credits.  Midway through this 12 week on-line tutorial, I also learned of another opportunity available through our local chapter.


Our local ACHE chapter offered a study group that would help prepare for the BOG exam.  It is offered without cost and requires a minimal investment of time for reading, test question preparation and weekly small group conference calls.  Peter Wright, FACHE from Littleton Regional Hospital in Littleton, NH, led our study group of seven over the course of several weeks.  He always encouraged us, even though we often disputed the “correct answers” provided to him by the American College of Healthcare Executives.  He arranged a few guest speakers for these phone calls knowledgeable in areas of study such as law and human resources.  He also hosted a former study group student ( Karen Clements) who passed the exam some time last year.  I have yet as of this writing met most of the small study group participants in person, but look forward to doing so in the future.


In January 2010, one of our study group members passed the exam. Of course, Janet Carroll from Fletcher Allen in Burlington, VT, in turn challenged the rest of our group to also schedule the exam.   Learning of her success, I worked quickly to assemble my FACHE application to obtain the necessary authorization to sit for the exam.  After obtaining references from my CEO, Peter Davis, FACHE at St Joseph Hospital, in Nashua, NH, Tina Legere, FACHE, CEO at Parkland Medical Center in Derry, NH and Kathy Bizarro, FACHE, Executive Vice President from the New Hampshire Hospital Association, in Concord, NH, I received approval from ACHE to sit for the BOG exam. 


Just a couple of weeks ago at the Pro Metric testing center in Concord, NH, I pressed the “finished” key on my computerized exam.  A few seconds later I read the word “Congratulations!” you have passed the Board of Governor’s exam.  “MY ACHE” web page now reads: “Congratulations on your advancement to Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives!  Effective immediately:  you can proudly display the “FACHE’ credential on all of your correspondence.”


I hope that many of you read this and decide regardless of where you are with your health care career to “Just do it”!    In six months time you too may be asked to write your own article on your advancement to “Fellow”.




Take Care,


Joe Loring FACHE

Executive Director

First Choice PHO at St Joseph Hospital

Nashua, New Hampshire


Board of Governors Exam Fee Waiver Promotion

Board of Governors Exam Fee Waiver Promotion from March 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010 

Board of Governors Exam Fee Waiver Promotion: March 1–June 30, 2010

ACHE is pleased to once again offer the Board of Governors Exam fee waiver promotion to ACHE Members who apply for the FACHE® credential between March 1 and June 30, 2010. Members must submit their completed Fellow application and $250 application fee during the promotion period. Pending application approval, ACHE will waive the $200 Board of Governors Exam fee. All follow-up materials (that is, your references) must be submitted by August 31, 2010, to receive the waiver. The waiver is valid for six months after receipt.

We encourage you to take the next important step in your career advancement by applying for Fellow status during this waiver promotion to save $200. More information on the promotion, requirements and online application can be found at


Board of Directors - As of May 2010




Kathleen Bizarro, FACHE

Executive VP

New Hampshire Hospital Association

125 Airport Rd

Concord, NH  03312


Exp. 12/31/10




Exp. 12/31/10



Peter J. Wright, FACHE                      


Littleton Regional Hospital

600 St. Johnsbury Road

Littleton, NH 03561

(603) 444-9391

Exp. 12/31/10



Gerald Vicenzi, FACHE                        

Regent-ME (March 2013)


Synernet, Inc.

229 St. John Street, Suite 329

Portland, ME  04102

(207) 771-3456

Exp. 12/31/10

2nd term


Henry Lipman, FACHE                          

Executive VP/CFO 


80 Highland Street

Laconia, NH  03246


Exp. 12/31/10

2nd term


Bea Grause, FACHE                            

Interim Regent – VT (March 2011)

President & CEO

Vermont Assn of Hospitals and Health Systems

148 Main St.

Montpelier, VT  05602

(802) 223-3461)

Exp. Mar 2011


Joe Woodin                                  


Gifford Medical Center

P O Box 2000

44 S. Main Street

Randolph, VT  05060


Exp. 12/31/11


Tina Legere, FACHE                         

Regent – NH (March 2012)


Parkland Medical Center

Derry, NH


Exp. Mar 2012 


Bill Lipkin-Moore, FACHE                  

VP for Business Development

Teamhealth East

40 Lane Road

Derry, NH  03038


Exp. 12/31/12

2nd term


Kris Doody, FACHE                       


Cary Medical Center

163 Van Buren Road

Caribou, ME  04736


Exp. 12/31/12

2nd term


Patsy Aprile, FACHE                     

Vice President/Operations

Goodall Hospital

25 June St.

Sanford, ME  04073

(207) 490-7005

Exp. 12/31/10


Karen Clements, FACHE                  

Patient Care Administrator

Eastern Maine Medical Center

489 State Street

Bangor, ME 04401

(207) 973-8010

Exp. 12/31/10