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Are You an Early Careerist???
Nancy M. Tinsley, RN, MBA, FACHE

Announcing the HEANO Early Careerists Program

The Early Careerist Program is designed to create a forum of emerging strategic leaders that collaborate and are committed to creating a sustainable professional reputation and regional growth.

It is intended for healthcare professionals who are early in their careers (approx 0-8 years), members of HEANO, and those who display the interest and desire to become more involved in leadership, regional collaboration and growth.  

The Early Careerist programs will explore strategies and concepts of leadership through user participation, educational activities, articles, links, profiles, discussions and collaborative projects. 

The specific program goals are to: develop future leaders and commit to those with a genuine desire for increasing involvement in leadership activities; increase professional satisfaction by including emerging leaders in networking and leadership development activities and; increase the regional presence and retention of healthcare professionals.

Early careerists that actively participate will benefit by furthering their development of leadership skills, build networks and resources and be involved in improving healthcare delivery in their community.  

Those interested in joining the early careerist program can locate the membership application on the website or by clicking here. Applications should be completed and sent to A member of the Early Careerist Committee will contact you regarding your application status.

To maintain Early Careerist status members need to participate in a HEANO initiative and attend 50% of the HEANO programming events.

Don’t miss out -- The Early Careerist program will be introduced at the March 24 program event. 

Coming soon:  Early Careerist Networking Event as the pre-event to the April 28 program event.

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