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Now's the time to get Certified! Get your FACHE / Reimbursement Offer

Have you wanted to get your Fellow status and FACHE credential, but have been putting it off. Now is the time to act. Make getting Fellow status one of your priorities and take advantage of this offer:

Chapter Promotion - Reimbursement Offer

For a limited time only The Nevada Chapter will reimburse up to $250 for the Fellow application fee if you don not have employer reimbursement or payment for successfully completing all requirements and obtaining Fellow Status by December 31, 2017.  

This makes it the perfect time to get Fellow status.

For more information or questions, please contact Dave Schweer at or 775-846-7558.  

Please submit reimbursement requests to Larry Preston at   

ACHE Resources

ACHE offers numerous resources to members who are pursuing Fellow Status.  Go to the Credentialing section of ACHE's website at 

Members preparing for the Board of Governors Examination can access the Exam Online Community as a complimentary and supplementary resource that can boost their confidence and help them succeed. The interactive platform gives Members the opportunity to learn and glean study tips from others taking the Exam. It also provides an opportunity to discuss Exam topics with experts for better understanding and the option to participate in study groups. Join the Exam Online Community at




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