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Become an ACHE Fellow! Exam Prep Workshop and Other Resourcces
Now's the time to get Certified as an ACHE Fellow! Take advantage of the new fee reimbursement offer! 

Have you wanted to become Board certified in healthcare management as an ACHE Fellow but have been putting it off?  Now is the time to act!  Make achieving your FACHE status one of your priorities and take advantage of a simpler process, new reimbursement program and other resources.

New Simpler Process

ACHE has simplified the process for pursuing the FACHE credential.  It also has a broader definition of management experience. Go to www.ache.mbership/ credentialing/index.cfm or the credentialing link on ACHE's home page for details. 

Chapter Exam Workshop

The Nevada Chapter is planning an Exam prep workshop if there is sufficient interest.  Please contact Bill Butcher at or 503-867-2302.

Reimbursement Program Approved by the Nevada Chapter Board

To demonstrate an ongoing commitment to support Nevada ACHE Chapter members in achieving Fellow certification, the Board approved an ongoing program for reimbursement of the Fellow Application or the Board of Governors Examination fee (currently $250.00 and $200.00 respectively). Available to members who don’t have access to payment by or reimbursement from their employers, reimbursement will be provided by the Nevada Chapter once Fellow certification is achieved. Documentation of payment will be requested so be sure to hold on to it. For more information, questions and/or reimbursement requests, please contact Bill Butcher at o (503) 867-2302

Other Chapter Help

Have questions?  Need help identifying resources? Need tips on studying for the exam? Contact Bill Butcher at or 503-867-2302.

ACHE Resources

ACHE offers numerous resources to members who are pursuing Fellow certification. Go to the Credentialing section of ACHE's website at for more information. ACHE offers a Board of Governors Examination Review Course for those interested.  

Members preparing for the BOG Exam can access the Exam Online Community as a complimentary and supplementary resource that can boost their confidence and help them succeed. This interactive platform gives Members the opportunity to learn and glean study tips from others preparing for the exam. It also provides an opportunity to discuss exam topics with experts for better understanding and the option to participate in study groups. Join the Exam Online Community at

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