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Chapter Officers

Karen D. Huttsell, PE, LEED AP
Business Development Manager
Engineering Excellence

Past President
A.J. Grome, MBA, FACHE
Healthcare Market Leader

Stephanie Hearn, MHA, FACHE
Executive Director
Butler Health Plan

Melissa Cord
Operational Project Manager
Trinity Health

Committee Member Spotlight

Ed P. Syron, FACHE, PhD

Edward (Ed) P. Syron, FACHE, PhD is a member of the GOHLF Board and Chairperson of the Dayton Local Program Council (LPC). He has been affiliated with ACHE for 34 years. Ed became a Student Associate of ACHE in July 1975 and converted to member status in August 1978. He earned his CHE credential in August 1981 and became a Fellow in July 1989. He has recertified as a Fellow in both 1999 and 2007. He was a member of the Regent’s Advisory Council in West Virginia in 1994-1995; Kentucky 1995-1996; Northeastern Pennsylvania 1998-2004 and Ohio 2006 – Present. In 1995, he was appointed to the ACHE’s Managed Care Executives Committee for a Four-Year term (1995-1999).

In Northeastern PA, he served on the Board of the Affiliated Chapter, Healthcare Management Forum (HCMF) of NEPA for 15 counties from 1999 -2004. He was President of the HCMF from 2002 – 2004. He was elected to be Regent of NEPA B in the fall of 2004. He was also selected as the 2002 American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Regent’s Award for Senior Level Executive for Northeastern Pennsylvania. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he used to administer the oral portion of the ACHE Board of Governor’s Examination.

Ed is currently Director of the Cardiovascular Service Line at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.

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