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Message from Your OSHE President - Summer 2015

Dear Colleagues,

The Chinese had an ancient curse to their enemies that said, “May you live in interesting times.” I frankly don’t consider this as a curse, but it certainly is a challenge and may better be stated as living in “uncertain” times.

The American healthcare system is in the midst of incredible change and uncertainty. Much of the uncertainty deals with the financing of healthcare delivery. For example, how will the Supreme Court rule this month in King v. Burwell? What will that do to the Accountable Care Act? Will the CMS move toward value-based payment (see Healthcare Executive May/June 2015 article)? Are we prepared to hit those measures or can we survive with the penalties? And there is the drive to medical homes and addressing life styles and the wellness of any entire population. I could go on and on.

ACHE and OSHE are great professional tools to help us better understand these trends and what, if anything, we need to be doing about them. At a macro level, they help us connect with peers, hear about how other institutions are preparing and addressing these uncertainties. I hope many of you came away from the annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership in March with better perspective as well as contacts with other organizations that have taken creative and innovative approaches. On a micro level, I hope that you are taking advantage of the resources of ACHE to sharpen you skill set and take advantage of the changes. There are many tools and certification to help you be the best in the healthcare field regardless of the future.

While it is still a ways off, I hope you will join me and your fellow OSHE members at our OSHE Fall 2015 Meeting on Population Heath on Oct 28 in Salem. We have a great program and panel and a special guest speaker in Edward H. Lamb, FACHE, Chairman-Elect of ACHE. Please look for the email notices and register for a wonderful afternoon of education and connecting with fellow members.

One thing that is certain, come July 4 the rain in Oregon will stop and it will officially be summer. I am looking forward to it and hope you will have a great summer.   



Don C. Glazier, FACHE


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