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OSHE President Jeanie Gentry
Message from Your OSHE President - Spring 2016

Dear ACHE Colleagues,

I’m writing this update to you from ACHE Congress in Chicago. I’ve been attending some outstanding classes, meeting peers from throughout the US, and had dinner tonight with about 15 energetic OSU students who will soon graduate from their healthcare administration program. Every time I am around so many other people who love healthcare, I’m reminded why I love it so much. We change lives. We touch people in their most vulnerable times, and treat them with the kindness they crave and the competency they deserve. How fortunate we are to work in a field that is more a calling than just a career!

Of course, there are many peers who don’t belong to ACHE, or who do, but never pursue their Fellow board certification. There are some who, once this achievement is done, have little to do with ACHE beyond keeping that important credential for their resume. Like most things in life, you will get about as much out of ACHE as you put into it.

I’ve had the chance to “put in” a bit more than average these past few years. I was asked to be a Board member in 2013, and then served two years as president-elect. Because of this involvement, I have been able to meet more people, attend more leadership development courses, and experience more satisfaction from helping others strive to improve their careers. I’ve reaped more because of this involvement, just like the saying goes. I challenge and encourage each of you to get involved in our state chapter, get involved with helping others, and reap more of the rewards of your ACHE membership. It’s yours and it’s waiting to reward you abundantly.

Recently my family made a difficult decision to relocate to a rural area of Idaho, which is closer to home for us. This means I won’t be able to fulfill the two-year term I just began in January as your president. I’m sorry I won’t be able to be part of your continuing progress as a chapter, but I will be watching all of you as you strive to make a difference in our profession. Don Glazier, our past-president, will step back into the president role for a while until Win Howard, our president-elect, has time to prepare to take on that role.  Please give them both your enthusiastic support and respond when they ask you to help. I promise you won’t regret it!

Thanks to each of you for the example and encouragement you have been for me these past several years. I hope to see you at Congress someday!

Jeanie Gentry, FACHE
CEO, St. Charles Madras & Prineville
OSHE President


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