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March 2020
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Quality Patient Outcomes Begin With Trust
Four Safety Trends for 2020
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Chapter Officers

Executive Board

Regent (California - Southern)
Harry C. Sax, , MD, FACHE, FACS
Cedars Sinai Medical Center


Dasha Dahdouh
Rady Children’s Hospital - San Diego

Darrell Atkin
TruthPoint / Darrell Atkin & Associates

Johan Otter
Scripps Health


Immediate Past President
Dasha Dahdouh
Rady Children’s Hospital - San Diego


Sarah Norwood

James Revels


Board of Directors

Allison Noel
ECG Management Consultants

Aubrianna Butler
UC San Diego Health Physician Group

Jack Hallmark

Lydia Isabel Napa

Ana Victoria Ramirez

Sean Olmo


Volunteer Coordinator
Amy Kasahara

Barbara Gerber
Devon Hill Associates, LLC

Howard Salmon

Imperial County Liaison
Kathleen Lang


Subcommittee Members

Diversity Council
Chisun Chun
Rady Children's Hospital

Allied Healthcare Professional Council
Nora Bota
County of San Diego

Megan Hinton

Annual Conference
Johan Otter
Scripps Health

Peter Chu

Mike De Castro
ECG Management Consultants


Sarah Guerard
VA San Diego Healthcare System

Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor Consulting


Executive Program
Celerina Cornett

Andrea Gonzalez
Scripps Health

Advancement Study Group
Sandra Abbott

Pranav Dixit

Graduate Program Council, San Diego State University
Brandy Lipton

Student Liaison, San Diego State University
Britney Prince

Graduate Program Council, National University
Negin Iranfar

Student Liaison, National University
Norelis Dyshkant

Graduate Program Council, UC San Diego
Robert Kaplan

Student Liaison, UC San Diego
Justin Sigmund


College Bowl
Kristine Ortwine

Senior Advisors Council
Mary Parra
Neighborhood Healthcare

Mark Campbell
TRICARE Regional Office – West

Jared Vogt
Rady Children's Hospital

Website Manager
Carol Cannizzo
BestBuy Health

Regent's Message: Winter 2020

Looking ahead – way ahead. As always, our health care industry continues to respond to new and unexpected challenges. Patients and communities count on us to always be there with the right resources and responses.  

A recent report from the California Future Health Workforce Commission identified a comprehensive action plan to address looming workforce shortages in primary care, behavioral health, and long-term care. The findings focused on the need to increase the diversity of the workforce, address health disparities and incorporate new and emerging technologies to build the health care workforce that our state will need by 2030. www.futurehealthworkforce.org

In reading this, it’s clear to me that one thing is certain – in order to support the delivery of quality care, a strong and agile workforce of health care leaders is also absolutely essential. Leading with our strategic, organizational, financial and management skills is critical to improving health outcomes for the communities we serve.

How do we go forward?

First, let’s support students in our graduate and undergraduate health care administration programs by providing mentorship, internship and fellowship opportunities. Let’s also expand and support pipeline programs to recruit and prepare students.

Next, let’s work hard to ensure health equity and access.

Let’s continue to invest in lifelong learning. For those interested in growth opportunities, it’s always a good time to consider Advancement to Fellow status. Earning the distinction of board certification in healthcare management is a great achievement and recognized nationally. To learn more about credentialing requirements, visit www.ache.org/FACHE

For local education and networking, consider attending the programs of our exceptional local Chapters, San Diego Association of Healthcare Leaders http://sohl.ache.org and Health Care Executives of Southern California http://hce-socal.org. You will find extraordinary education programs crafted by Chapter leaders and committee volunteers.

I would like to thank our HCE and SOHL board members for their tireless work and recognize our Chapter Presidents for 2020: Dr. Tricia Kassab, EdD, RN, FACHE of Health Care Executives of Southern California and Dasha Dahdouh, Darrell Atkin, and Johan Otter, DPT, FACHE of San Diego Organization of Healthcare Leaders. They are your points of contact for getting more involved in ACHE locally. I would also like to introduce you to Dr. Harry C. Sax, MD, FACHE who is your newly elected Regent for Southern California as I conclude my term. It has been an honor to serve as your Regent for the past three years and I have enjoyed meeting and connecting with you.

Health care leaders make a difference every day for the patients, families, and communities we serve. Let’s continue to look ahead – way ahead - about the many ways leadership in health care can create a positive impact.

Ellen Zaman, FACHE
Regent for California - Southern
Associate VP of Government Relations
Children's Hospital Los Angeles

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