Quarterly SOHLstice
Please note minor edits made to the President's Message and Programs Quarterly Update. December 2021
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Message from Our ACHE Regent: Digging Deep
President's Message: Moving Forward into the Future
2021 Year in Review: Summary of SOHL Programs
2021 ACHE and SOHL Awards and Recognition
2022 Board Slate
SOHL Programs: Quarterly Update
Welcome Our Newest Members of SOHL
Q4 2021 National News
Keeping the “Community” in Community Hospital
Wayne UNC Health Care: Enhancing a Positive Culture
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Chapter Officers

Executive Board

Regent (California - Southern)
Harry C. Sax, MD, FACHE, FACS
Cedars Sinai Medical Center


Nora Bota
County of San Diego


Immediate Past Co-Presidents
Dasha Dahdouh
Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego

Darrell Atkin

Johan Otter
Scripps Health


President Elect
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor Consulting

Sarah Norwood
Tech Coast Angels San Diego

James Revels
UC San Diego Health


Jennifer Reyes
Neighborhood Healthcare

Board of Directors

Debbie Jacobs

Aubrianna Schumacher
UC San Diego Health Physician Group

Jack Hallmark

Lydia Isabel Napa
UC San Diego Health

Marketing and Communications
Ana Victoria Ramirez
Sharp Coronado Hospital

Sean Olmo
Scripps Health

Barbara Gerber
Devon Hill Associates, LLC

Gary Fybel
FMG Leading


Subcommittee Members

Diversity Council
Kelly Price Noble
University of Phoenix

Pranav Dixit

Allied Healthcare Professional Council

County: Nora Bota, County of San Diego

Military: LT Jac Thomas

VA: Sarah Guerard, VA San Diego Healthcare System

Volunteer Coordinator
Kristine Ortwine
Integrated Health Partners

Annual Conference
Johan Otter
Scripps Health


Mike De Castro
ECG Management Consultants

Social Media
Moyosore Buari


Marketing Volunteer
Susan Stone
Sharp HealthCare

Maureen Malone


Executive Program
Celerina Cornett
UC San Diego Extension

Jack Hallmark

Advancement Study Group
Carol Cannizzo

Nicholas Hance


Early Careerists
Jennifer Reyes
Neighborhood Healthcare

Graduate Program Council, San Diego State University
Brandy Lipton

Thuy Do

Britney Seidemann


Graduate Program Council, National University
Negin Iranfar

Joy De Dios


Graduate Program Council, UC San Diego
Robert Kaplan

Justin Sigmund

Michael Chan

Graduate Program Council, University of Phoenix
Kelly Price Noble
University of Phoenix

College Bowl
Negin Iranfar
National University

Senior Advisors Council
Mary Parra
Neighborhood Healthcare

Mark Campbell
TRICARE Regional Office – West

Jared Vogt
Rady Children's Hospital

Trish Daly
Daly Consulting Solutions

Message from Our ACHE Regent: Digging Deep

Anyone who has run a marathon or been pushed to test their limits knows the feeling of “hitting the wall.” Pain is predominant, self-doubt is a central thought, and you just want to stop. But with a goal in mind, you reach deep inside yourself and find the strength you didn’t know you had.

Since March of 2020, we have pivoted, redeployed, new paradigmed, and virtual meetinged our way to some semblance of normality. Demand for our services is increasing beyond pre-COVID-19 levels, and we are now challenged with staffing shortages, fatigue, and an appropriate realignment of life priorities. We wonder how much longer we can go on. As leaders, we feel our own limitations, yet must inspire those who look to us.

As we face down the possibility of another winter surge, as we see our colleagues beginning to stumble, as our patients are sicker and our costs are higher, what can we do?

We can develop institutional Grit.

Angela Duckworth, in the Harvard Business Review, argues that passion and perseverance are more important than raw talent. Although certain individuals are inherently “gritty,” institutions can instill grittiness as a culture. In medicine, highly motivated, individualistic practitioners are required to function as teams for the good of the patient. Without an alignment focusing on the patient and expressed confidence in our staff’s abilities to succeed, discord can ensue.  Done correctly, teams of highly trained and motivated individuals will excel in rapidly changing environments. Stanley McChrystal’s description of the creation of a SEAL in “Team of Teams” clearly highlights this concept. He emphasizes that it is not about individual performance, but the ability to develop trust and adaptability within small units. These lessons are vital for us today. As institutional leaders, we must be shoulder to shoulder with the front line, helping them build the team support they need, and unlock the individual reserves they possess.

Leaders must combine emotional intelligence and compassion with setting institutional expectations of excellence and driving our colleagues to achieve them. By expressing the confidence that you can dig deep and break through the wall, 26.2 miles is only the start.

We can all take it to the next level.


(You may wish to gauge your own “grittiness” at Duckworth’s internet site - angeladuckworth.com/grit-scale.)

Harry C. Sax, MD, FACHE
Regent for California – Southern

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