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ACHE Regent's Message

Breaking Out on Top

Do you remember a time you boarded a flight on a dreary, grey day? There was a sense of the world closing in. Perhaps conversations were a bit muted. Shortly after rotation, you ascended into an ill-defined space, not being able to see beyond a few feet. But soon, the skies begin to lighten, and suddenly you are on top of the clouds in blazing sunlight, something that you would not have appreciated had it not been for the grey.

So it is with all of us as we emerge from the pandemic.

As your regent for ACHE, it has been an honor to work with you, albeit virtually. We navigated through not only COVID-19, but also increased recognition of our responsibility to assure health care equity and access for all. We took a hard look at ourselves and committed to addressing longstanding issues of systemic prejudice. We accepted our humanity, recognizing that unconscious bias is an inherent part of pattern recognition imprinted in our neural pathways. With that recognition came new awareness.

ACHE stands ready to partner on your personal and professional development as a health care leader. Our greatest strength is each other, with diverse experiences, skills, and attitudes. Do not hesitate to reach out to your chapter leadership and colleagues. There are many tools at your disposal.

There are flights where you must descend into the darkness on the way home. Even when they cannot see outside, pilots have navigation aids and protocols that keep everyone safe. When they break out at minimums, the landing runway is directly in front of them.

With every best wish for success and happiness on our journey forward.

Harry C. Sax, MD, FACHE
Regent for California – Southern