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A listing of the Sooner Healthcare Executives Board Members can be found on our website: http://sooner.achechapter.org/officers-2/ 
Regent's Message
Marti Jourden, Regent
Message from your ACHE Regent

Winter 2018

As I reflect on the 2017 holiday season in Oklahoma and the spirit of giving to family, friends and charitable organizations, I want to also highlight a wonderful initiative that ACHE offers.  I am talking about the ACHE Fund for Healthcare Leadership.   I am working on a special initiative for the Fund for Healthcare Leadership - a unique, charitable fund dedicated to advancing our members and healthcare management excellence through scholarship.

The Fund was established in 2006 to bring innovation to the forefront of healthcare leadership.

Since then, the Fund has worked to strengthen the field of healthcare leadership through educational programs and scholarships. From 2007–2016, donations to the Fund were used to establish educational programs that promoted or built awareness around key areas of focus. Today, the Fund for Healthcare Leadership continues to provide scholarships to robust programs that inspire tomorrow's leaders. Scholarships are designed for those whose organizations may lack the resources to fully fund their tuition. The Senior Executive Program and Executive Program invite healthcare leaders to learn, share and grow together during three intensive sessions. The programs provide practical leadership strategies through the use of case studies, personal assessments, panel discussions and site visits. The format is designed to accelerate this high-level executive learning experience.

If you have already made a contribution to the Fund this year, I sincerely thank you. If not, will you please join me and make a tax-deductible contribution – any amount is wonderful and appreciated – to ACHE’s charitable fund? To make your donation today, go towww.ache.org/abt_ache/fund/Donate.cfm.

If you have questions about ways to contribute, or the impact of your contribution, please contact Timothy Tlusty, vice president, Development at ttlusty@ache.org or (312) 424-9305 or Caitlin Aruffo, program coordinator, Development at caruffo@ache.org or (312) 424-9301.


Marti Jourden, FACHE

Regent for Oklahoma


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