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President's Message

President’s Message – August, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I certainly hope you are enjoying your summer.  July has come to an end quickly which means summer vacations are wrapping up and school is about to start.  On the subject of education, Sooner Healthcare Executives held a fantastic, highly successful, annual leadership education Summit on July, 31.  SHE hosted some of the most well-known, most influential, leaders in Oklahoma to moderate panel discussions and participate as panel members.  The discussion topics were timely, and the discussion content was rich with wisdom and experience. I want to express my, and the Board’s, sincere appreciation for their time and commitment to this wonderful education event.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Yvon Fils-Aime, SHE’s Board member and Education and Networking Committee Chairman for his wonderful leadership, and his all volunteer committee for their hard work. Thank you so much!  I cannot say enough about the wonderful job this team performed.

Looking to the near future, SHE will co-host a mult-chapter education conference with the Northern and Eastern Texas ACHE chapters in September.  This education event will be held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  The date is scheduled for September 27th.  This education session will also be a panel event.  The topics discussed will be:

Integrating the Principles of Patient-Centered Care 

Physician-Hospital Integration in the 21st Century

Improving the Health Status of Your Community 

Palliative Care-Advancing Quality and Improving Costs

Details will be forthcoming.  So please stay tuned in to your email and SHE’s website for announcements with event details.

SHE is currently working on 2019’s Summit.  We anticipate changing the event format to a speaker presentation.  We have done several panel discussions over the past two years and there has been interest in returning to a speaker format.  Over the next few weeks, we anticipate finalizing our speaker.  I believe the speaker and topic will be very relevant to any healthcare organization.  It should be a popular event.  Stay tuned for those details as well.

One of SHE’s goals over the next two years is to develop more ACHE graduate student chapters.  We hope by the end of the summer we will be announcing a new student ACHE chapter.  If you are a student member, or are affiliated with a graduate program in healthcare administration, whether MBA, MPH, MSHA, etc., and would like to establish an ACHE student chapter, please contact me to inquire how to go about doing so.  You may reach me at 918-859-5334 or via email at

Lastly, SHE also set forth a goal to start a physician leader education forum.  This was an idea set forth by Sam McAdams, Past President of SHE.  We would be interested in knowing about seasoned physician leaders (ie. CMO, VP of Medical Affairs) who would be interested in facilitating a periodic group discussion.  This group would be limited to physician leaders only so that they can discuss pertinent topics among their colleagues related to physician leadership.  The goal is to foster physician leadership development, and to help physicians share knowledge about dealing with physician leadership challenges.

We would also like to know about physician leaders (Medical Directors, CMOs, Chiefs of Staff, VP of Medical Affairs, etc.) who would be interested in joining a group as a participant.  Those interested in leading the group, and those interested in participating in the group, are encouraged to contact me.  918-859-5334 or via email at

I certainly hope each of you enjoy the rest of the summer season.  If you have any questions about the chapter, or would like to become involved in the chapter, or have questions about the chapter, please do not hesitate to contact me.  SHE exists to serve OK ACHE members and their education needs.  As such, I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Chris Whybrew, FACHE

President 2018-2020