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Chapter Officers

Immediate Past President
Gary J. Meyn, MA, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Joyce G. Brown, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

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Jeanette R. Skinner, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Michael P. Griffin, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Karla Krueger
San Antonio, TX

The Alamo Area Academies
Health Professions Academy

The Alamo Area Academies including the Alamo Colleges, St. Philip’s College Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) Program, Floresville Independent School District, San Antonio Independent School District, City of San Antonio, and major employers in the San Antonio health care industry have joined together to create a new early college technical academy for high school juniors and seniors interested in pursuing careers in the health professions. 

Modeled on the existing Academies in aerospace, information technology and manufacturing technology, the Health Professions Academy (HPA) will provide students an early college experience and direct pathway into well-paid careers in high-demand occupations.  The HPA will begin with nursing, enrolling students in the St. Philip’s College LVN Program, but will eventually offer programs in other allied health fields, perhaps as early as 2010.

The HPA will open in the summer of 2009 as a pilot program with nine students from Edison High School who will take their nursing instruction at the Martin Luther King Campus of St. Philip’s College.  These students will be placed as interns the following summer in the Methodist Healthcare System, the Christus Santa Rosa system and at Morningside Ministries.   A second group of eight students at Floresville High School will receive instruction from the St. Philip’s College LVN Program, some of which will be delivered by distance learning in concert with the Edison High School students.  The Floresville High School students will be placed as interns at the Connolly Memorial Medical Center, Floresville.

In the summer of 2010, other schools will be eligible to send students to the program as the capacity of the entering class in San Antonio increases to 24 students, with the possibility of a second distance-learning class.  To provide internships for this larger class, additional employers will join the program during the summer of 2011.

Benefits to Students and Parents

  • Students will earn approximately 35 hours of college credit during their junior and senior years of high school at no cost to them or their families.  Twelve college credit hours will be earned during the summer after high school graduation to complete the program, with scholarships and financial aid available for eligible students.
  • They will be taking college courses for half the day during their junior and senior years, providing them a real college experience shared by few other high school students.
  • They will have a paid summer internship with a health care provider.
  • They will be in an articulated career pipeline that will make them Certified Nursing Assistants by the summer after their junior year of high school, and Licensed Vocational Nurses by the end of the summer following their senior year. Qualified graduates of the program will then have the opportunity to apply for entry into the Alamo Colleges’ Professional Nursing (LVN-to-ADN) Program. 
  • The transition from the St. Philip’s LVN Program to completion of the (LVN-to-ADN) Program takes approximately 16 months for full-time students.   Successful candidates will have the opportunity to become a registered nurse and sit for the NCLEX-RN licensure examination.

The Alamo Colleges will

  • Provide an accredited program of study for all HPA programs;
  • Provide academic supervision of appropriate clinical and internship experiences for these programs;
  • Collaborate with the participating school districts, the Alamo Academies and employers on all matters pertaining to student rights, responsibilities, discipline and liabilities;
  • Collaborate with the ACCD Foundation and employers to offer financial aid and scholarships for the courses students will take to complete the program after they graduate from high school.

For the HPA’s Nursing Students, the St. Philip’s College LVN Program will

  • Be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Texas Administrative Code (Title 22), which includes responsibility for oversight of all aspects of the academic and clinical phases of the LVN Program;
  • Deliver instruction and provide academic supervision of clinical and internship experiences;
  • Collaborate with the participating school districts, the Alamo Academies and employers on all matters pertaining to student rights, responsibilities, discipline and liabilities.

Participating School Districts will

  • Identify and recruit students for the HPA;
  • Provide transportation to the training site;
  • Provide the necessary college textbooks;
  • Collaborate with the Alamo Colleges, the Alamo Academies and employers on all matters pertaining to student rights, responsibilities, discipline and liabilities.

The Alamo Area Academies will

  • Facilitate recruitment of students, in cooperation with the participating school districts ;
  • Work with employers to provide internship opportunities and training plans for those internships;
  • Collaborate with the Alamo Colleges, the participating school districts and employers on all matters pertaining to student rights, responsibilities, discipline and liabilities ;
  • Facilitate the placement of HPA graduates into further higher education and/or employment;
  • Promote the HPA to students and the community

The City of San Antonio will

  • Provide resources for the administrative support of the HPA as part of its economic development efforts.

Health Care Employers will

  • Determine which health professions are in demand;
  • Work with Alamo Colleges to develop and refine curricula that meet these needs;
  • Provide internships, mentoring, scholarships and employment opportunities.


  • Partners each to provide a share of the necessary resources as described above;
  • Grants and corporate support to be sought for scholarships and to offset some program costs.

Program Design for Nursing

  • Students take two online courses (Nutrition and Growth & Development) during the summer before their junior year (2 college hours);
  • San Antonio-area students go to St. Philip’s for 3 hours per day during their junior year (3-4 high school credits, 13 college hours);
  • Floresville students will be enrolled in the same courses but will receive some of this instruction by distance learning;
  • They will participate in clinical training at a San Antonio hospital; the Floresville students will receive their clinical training at Connolly Memorial Medical Center;
  • They have a paid internship the summer after their junior year with one of the participating employers and take one additional course (3 college hours);
  • They take 4 hours of LVN program courses per day during their senior year (3 high school credits, 17 college hours);
  • San Antonio-area students graduate from high school with a recommended or distinguished diploma;
  • All graduates will enroll at St. Philip’s College for the final semester of the LVN program the summer following their high school graduation;
  • They will attend all classes at St. Philip’s College (12 college hours).  Clinical training will be arranged at either San Antonio or Floresville area hospitals; 
  • Upon graduation from the LVN program, they are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for LVN’s.

Once they have completed the LVN program, students have a wide range of options for continuing their education in nursing or other related health professions.  Opportunities include admission to LVN to Baccalaureate nursing programs throughout Texas. 

For eligible students who wish to continue in nursing, it is anticipated that scholarships, financial aid and part-time employment will be available for them to enroll in the LVN to Associate Degree Nursing program at St. Philip's College or at San Antonio College.  With 4 semesters of study (approximately 16 months for a full-time student) they can become an Associates Degree Nurse and be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

For more information contact Richard V. Butler, PhD, Professor of Economics, Trinity University; Chairman of Board and President/CEO, Alamo Area Academies, Inc.: Telephone 210-999-7256 or Email


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