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Remington Medical Resort-San Antonio a First in the Nation
Now Accepting Guests

Remington Medical Resorts-San Antonio is America’s first luxury medical resort.
Remington delivers comprehensive medical care rehabilitation to guests needing short-term transitional care after hospital discharge, all within the luxury resort hotel setting.  The building, its amenities, and guest services are the same as those enjoyed in a fine hotel; within this luxurious setting, Remington takes rehabilitation services to a new level.
Remington is the newest rehabilitation option for patients with orthopedic injuries, stroke/heart attack, wound care, diabetes, pulmonary disease, or those needing IV therapy.  It is a new and pleasant alternative for patients after elective or cosmetic procedures.  Physicians can refer patients to Remington or patients can refer themselves before an elective procedure.

Patient Choice Integral to Recovery and Wellness
“From the moment of check-in, a patient becomes our guest and receives the attention and services needed to initiate the recovery process,” according to LaDonna Pack, Corporate Director of Rehabilitation Services.  “We offer guests choices; they participate in the management of their own care ,” Pack explained.

 "Guest care is at the center of everything we do," Pack explained.   “The healthcare industry needs the patient to be part of the program.  Having a degree of control over the care one receives goes a long way in one’s recovery,” Pack said.  Rather than having a predetermined schedule, Remington offers guests choices, ranging from when and where they want to eat their gourmet meals to what time they prefer to receive therapy.  The resort’s life enrichment program encourages guests to maintain their connections during their stay at Remington.  Options such as Internet, e-mail, and conference calling are available, letting guests correspond with work, family, or friends.

“A supportive clinical partnership of nurses, case managers, and therapists works as a team to assist each guest in achieving his or her goals for recovery,” Pack said.  “Combining the guest’s wishes with the recommendations of the treatment team is just one of Reminngotn's many committments to a guest-centered approach to care.” 

The Remington staff has established relationships with local hospitals to make transition to the resort as smooth as possible for discharged hospital patients.  Registered nurse Clinical Transition Coordinators are available around-the-clock, every day of the week, to meet at the hospital with potential guests and their families to help pave the way for a seamless check-in at the resort.  Remington accommodates check-in at whatever time of the day is convenient for the guest.

Technological Advances in Clinical Care and Safety
According to Stephanie Morgan, Remington’s Vice President of Clinical Services, Remington’s new model of care uses current technology to create the safest possible environment for guests.  “We provide technological resources that enable our clinical staff to work efficiently, allowing them to spend more time with the guests, reduce potential errors, and bring more of the human element back into health care,” Morgan explained.

Increased resort technological efficiency and safety is the robotic in-house pharmacy.  This system that reduces errors in dispensing each dose of medicine.  Educational materials accompany the medications to help guests learn new medication regimes and become self-sufficient before they go home.  Similarly, the clinical charting system is entirely computerized.  Attending physicians can access the system anywhere in the resort, or remotely.  “We have portable, wheeled computers that can be taken anywhere for real-time documentation and entry,” said Bert Buegeler, Remington’s Chief Clinical Officer.  “Since everyone involved has access to it, the system eliminates redundant entries,” Buegeler explained.

Combining Rehabilitation with Wellness
Skilled rehabilitation services are available up to six days per week, 12 hours per day, and include physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Remington has a rigorous staff selection and training process, recruiting therapists with a wide range of backgrounds and experience, thereby allowing Remington to treat a wide spectrum of medical and rehabilitative needs.

In most cases, guests can expect to receive up to two hours of therapy a day, but treatment goes beyond daily therapy.  Nursing staff is available to support and encourage guests to continue working on skills learned in therapy.  The clinical staff, both nurses and guest care specialists, implements a wellness program integrating nursing and rehabilitation programs to create an environment of healing for the mind and body.  This approach speeds recovery and helps to transfer newly-acquired wellness skills into everyday life. 

For guests having more complex medical needs, or for those who may not be ready for therapy in the resort’s fitness center, therapy comes to them.  All of the resort's private suites are built with both comfort and space.  Remington provides bedside treatments for guests who are tired or ill, or for those who can tolerate being out of bed for only about 20 minutes.

Remington’s staff works with the guest’s physician to individualize each pain management program.  Each member of the interdisciplinary team observes and ascertains the guest’s level of comfort so that nursing and therapy staff ensure that pain is adequately controlled.

Fitness Centers Designed for Safety, Strength, and Comfort
Remington Medical Resort includes a fitness center on each floor to accommodate a variety of therapy schedules, independent exercise programs, and individual treatment goals.  In addition to the resort’s private suites, the resort includes a therapeutic kitchen and transitional apartment, homelike settings designed to prepare guests for the return home.

The fitness center equipment accommodates a variety of body types, range of motion, and degrees of body function.  It maintains proper body alignment and movement patterns while it decreases stress on joints.  The fitness centers are aesthetically pleasing and provide a safe and comfortable workout.  Therapists customize each guest’s workout using Quantum fitness equipment, NuStep recumbent cross trainer, electrotherapy, and aquatic therapy modalities.

Aquatic Therapy Jump-Starts Recovery
In addition to the fitness centers, Remington offers guests the latest innovations in aquatic therapy, using the buoyancy of water to decrease stress on joints.  Many of Remington’s guest begin rehabilitation with aquatic therapy, resulting in maximum physical recovery in a shorter period of time, while promoting both safety and confidence.

The pool is equipped with a treadmill and underwater video-monitoring system.  Water depth is adjusted to accommodate treatments at different stages of weight-bearing capacity.  The nursing staff uses the latest procedures to waterproof surgical sites, allowing guests to begin aquatic therapy shortly after check-in.

Healthcare with Hospitality
Todd Mackenzie, CEO of Remington Medical Resort-San Antonio, explains the philosophy behind Remington’s new approach.  “Research suggests that a pleasant environment speeds healing,” Mackenzie said.  He added that research has also shown that patients often don’t do as well when they go home from the hospital prematurely, without adequate rehabilitation.

“We are providing a new option for patients, a different level of care that didn’t exist until now,” Mackenzie said.

Each of Remington’s guests is greeted curbside by a bellman, who carries their bags through the lobby, where the building’s main staircase spirals upward to the second-floor library.  In a few minutes, the new guest’s assigned “ambassador” presents them with a room-service menu of fine dining options.  The clinical and rehabilitation teams then begin the medical care and treatment plans leading to the guest’s return home.

All of Remington’s 60 private suites include comfortable, wide beds clothed with fine linens, private bathrooms with separate showers, flat-screen cable television, wireless Internet, and refrigerator.  Suites are decorated in soothing colors and soft lighting to speed recovery and make guests as comfortable as possible.  Complimentary coffee and newspapers are available, as well.

Upstairs, the library’s fireplace, inviting armchairs, computer stations, and well-appointed fiction stacks offer a choice respite for guests who venture from their suites.  Through the library’s tall French windows, the veranda awaits outdoor conversation, reading, or dining against the Hill Country panorama of San Antonio’s western horizon.  When some personal pampering is in order, the resort’s salon and spa offer everything from haircuts to manicures, pedicures, and massages.

Remy’s Café and coffee bar are the perfect downstairs counterparts to the library and veranda.  Remington’s Executive Chef Jack Burkett serves resort-quality, “made-from-scratch” food…always!  Guests have the option of dining in their suites, in the library, on the veranda, or at Remy’s.  Guests can order from the room service menu at anytime and have fresh meals delivered to their rooms at their convenience.  Because guests in medical rehabilitation may have special dietary needs, any dietary restrictions are noted in the guests’ computer records to ensure that dining choices are compatible with their personal medical needs.

Despite the luxurious amenities and services, the cost of staying at Remington does not exceed that of a standard rehabilitation facility.  Remington accepts standard Medicare reimbursements, as well as private-pay and privately insured guests.

Only the Beginning
Although Remington Medical Resort-San Antonio is the first resort to embrace this new approach to medical rehabilitation and wellness, it is only the first.  As the San Antonio resort opened in March 2009, Remington was building the next three of its resorts in Richardson, Denver, and Sugar Land, and more will follow these.
As San Antonio’s CEO Mackenzie said, “It’s the place you’d want to be if you were recovering.  It’s the place I’d want to be.”

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