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Gary J. Meyn, MA, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Joyce G. Brown, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

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Jeanette R. Skinner, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Michael P. Griffin, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Karla Krueger
San Antonio, TX

Global Health Care Issues
Methodist International Services Emergency Care Classes

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) classes are organized and held by Methodist Healthcare International Services in various destinations throughout Mexico on an on-going basis.  Over the last several years the focus has been on offering ACLS classes for resort area physicians, nurses and paramedics who cater to U.S. travelers who have medical issues that arise while on vacation.  Due to San Antonio’s geographic location and the International Service Medical Emergency Travel Assistance (META) Program which has protocols in place to facilitate emergency air evacuations, Methodist Healthcare has become a preferred destination to refer patients that are in need of access to the nearest tertiary care facilities across the border.    

ACLS can save the lives of patients who are not breathing and do not have a pulse, and for whom a traditional way of reviving a patient, CPR, has not been successful.  ACLS instructors include Alicia Ruiz R.N., B.J. Nikolav R.N., Susan Voger R.N., and Jennifer Hill R.N. Ruiz, who is the lead instructor and teach 20 to 25 physicians a year. “We teach the whole ACLS protocol,” she said. “It’s hard enough to each in English, much less teach in Spanish. This can be intimidating, even when you are bilingual.”

One student attended the course said, “The instructors were very precise, patient, nice and knowledgeable, and I am very grateful to receive the course in Spanish as I do not understand English too well. ”Because they are successful, these nurses make a great impression on behalf of Methodist Healthcare. “We take to heart that we are representing Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio,” Ruiz said.

“ACLS classes are part of an international outreach to strength our relationships with physicians in resort area hospitals who treat U.S. travelers,” said Ralph Foster, Director of International Services for Methodist Healthcare. “But more importantly, we teach these classes so these physicians can provide better care for their patients.”

A special thank you to Clarice Golightly-Jenkins, PhD, RN, Vice President of Education and Research, and her staff for helping to coordinate and provide the necessary specialized bilingual instructors and equipment for ACLS classes to be made available to our friends and colleagues in Mexico.  

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July 25, 2009
STC-ACHE Summer Education Program
South Texas Veterans Health Care System, San Antonio, TX 


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