American College of Healthcare Executives
Summer 2009 Volume 2 (2)
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Message From The STC ACHE President
Messsage From The Regent
South Texas Chapter Innovation Grant
Member and Community Leadership
Baptist Health System Chosen to Test New Health Care Approach
Remington Medical Resort-San Antonio a First in the Nation
Methodist Stone Oak Opens as Accredited Hispanic Healthcare Hospital
First Class of Nurses Receives Associates Degree
Methodist Stone Oak Hospital Captures Birth Day
Global Health Care Issues
The Alamo Area Academies
FDA News Release
Request for Hot Topic eNewletter Articles
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Has your institution met the criteria for stage 3-6 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) adoption of the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMMS) to track hospital and health systems electronic record progress?

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Chapter Officers

Immediate Past President
Gary J. Meyn, MA, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Joyce G. Brown, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Vice President
Jeanette R. Skinner, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Michael P. Griffin, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Karla Krueger
San Antonio, TX

Message From The STC ACHE President
Joyce G. Brown, FACHE

As we head into the throes of summer in South Texas, your STC-ACHE Board is busy planning the summer and fall sessions for you.  The STC-ACHE summer teleconferencing session promises to be one-of-a-kind, as we work to collaborate with our Coastal Bend and Valley Local Area Program Councils and colleagues in Mexico.  This exciting opportunity will expand our meetings to our more distant colleagues comes as a result of our Chapter Innovation Grant to improve communication through technology. 

It is increasingly important for the STC-ACHE to offer Category I and Category II opportunities to all of our service areas as ACHE moves more and more to the Chapter Model.  The topics we are finalizing for the July summer program could not be more timely or appropriate: "Pandemic Influenza" and "Preparing Your Healthcare Organization, and Cultural and Language Challenges of Diverse Populations". 

In addition, the STC-ACHE  annual Advancement to Fellow seminar given by Paula Zalucki, FACHE and Dr. Michael Nowicki, EdD, FACHE was conducted in early June to prepare members for the upcoming Board of Governors Exam. 

The STC Board is busy planning meaningful and value-added events and learning opportunities for you to maximize the value of your ACHE membership.  We are always open to hearing your feedback and thoughts about future events and topics. 

Have a great summer!

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July 25, 2009
STC-ACHE Summer Education Program
South Texas Veterans Health Care System, San Antonio, TX 


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