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Spring 3 (1) 2010
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Message From The STC ACHE President
Message from the Regent
Member and Community Leadership
Award of Chapter Distinction
Baptist Health System New Braunfels
State-of-the-Art Dentistry Surgery Center for Special Needs Patients
Sanctuary at The Medical Center
Social Media Opens New Door To Cyberattacks
New Joint Commission Standard Defines Medical Interpreters
Global Healthcare Issues: Globalization and Impact on Healthcare
Expiring Financing Options
Request for Hot Topic eNewletter Articles
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Chapter Officers

Immediate Past President
Joyce G. Brown, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Jeanette R. Skinner, RN, MBA, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Vice President
Karla Krueger
San Antonio, TX

Michael P. Griffin, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Gary J. Meyn, MA, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Message From The STC ACHE President
Jeannette R. Skinner, RN, MBA, FACHE

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your 2010 President for the South Texas Chapter of ACHE (STC-ACHE).  It is an honor for me to work in partnership with such an outstanding Board of Directors to help serve the South Texas ACHE membership. The Chapter has flourished under the leadership of Joyce Brown, Immediate Past-President, to whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude.

In pacesetting for the year to come, January 2010 started off with an outstanding Healthcare Landscapes with over 314 registrants. Healthcare reform implications, care for the uninsured, ever pressing financial challenges and the mandate to continually improve on the quality of care delivered, remained hot ticket items during this event. These issues are in keeping with some of the most pressing issues facing healthcare executives today.

ACHE also provides excellent resources and best Healthcare practice tools in the form of formal Policy Statements for our membership on these and other key issues in this ever-changing climate. These resources are located on the ACHE website and will help in responding to our respective organizations and communities in these matters.
New in 2010 is the appointment of Ralph Foster, as Director of Student Affairs and Jim Whitmire, as the Director of Outreach. These two Directorships are the result of a strategic planning event this past December. Chapter plans that included a comprehensive redesign By-Laws and goals to reflect chapter growth and the evolving membership needs in South Texas. Congratulations to both Jim and Ralph in these new roles designed to enhance member access to programs and chapter leadership.

In keeping with the national healthcare agenda, STC-ACHE is focusing on use of advanced technology to increase educational opportunities. Under the leadership of Vice-President, Karla Kruger, STC-ACHE has an on-line secure repository for the archival and storage of the chapters most critical documents.

The STC-ACHE continues to enhance and grow the scope of chapter operations.  I look forward to seeing you at this year’s ACHE Congress. I also extend an invitation to the STC-ACHE April 23rd Spring Educational Program and the May ACHE Cluster.

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April 30, 2010
STC-ACHE Spring Educational Program
San Antonio Country Club

San Antonio, Texas

May 3-6, 2010
San Antonio ACHE Cluster
San Antonio, Texas

July 21, 2010
STC-ACHE Summer Educational Program
San Antonio, Texas  

October 22, 2010
STC-ACHE Fall Educational Program
San Antonio, Texas

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