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Summer 2010 Volume 3 (2)
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Surgical Center Infection Control Practices Scrutinized
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Should hospitals and healthcare facilities be held accountable and liable for "patient dumping."

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Chapter Officers

Immediate Past President
Joyce G. Brown, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Jeanette R. Skinner, RN, MBA, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Vice President
Karla Krueger
San Antonio, TX

Michael P. Griffin, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Gary J. Meyn, MA, FACHE
San Antonio, TX

Message From The STC ACHE President
Jeannette R. Skinner, RN, MBA, FACHE

Given the unknown implications of healthcare reform, it has been an exciting, if not turbulent time for healthcare leaders across South Texas and our nation. While the implications of healthcare reform are still being vetted nationally, ACHE leaders are redefining care delivery and driving exceptional clinical outcomes.

Our members balance healthcare changes that occur daily, with sound operational and financial acumen, always considering the economy national and global economy. Considerations that include consistency in quality outcomes, sustainability, and the highest level of care as priority rankings. 

This is indeed an exciting time to be leaders and drivers in healthcare. Membership in ACHE helps each of us meet these critical healthcare goals with real-time education and training.

The STC-ACHE leadership brings commitment, competency and readiness to serve our Chapter's continuing change and evolution in providing core educational events. This distinction has been recognized for many years with the Chapter of Merit awards.

It is with great pride in what our Chapter brings that I announce my departure as President from STC-ACHE, to begin a new career path with Capella Healthcare. Over the past five years, it has been an honor to serve in various Chapter leadership roles with exceptional individuals who serve our membership.

This Chapter leadership includes Karla Kruger, who will succeed me for the remainder of  my term, and Joyce Brown, who will continue as Past President. The STC-ACHE has an exceptional Board, to include the addition of positions for Director of Student Services and Rural outreach to serve our membership.

I look forward to seeing you at the July 21, 2010 Summer Educational Program, entitled  "The Path to E.H.R. Implementation; Strategies for Success and Medical Tourism; The Globalization of Healthcare." 

I encourage you to participate in upcoming events as an opportunity to network, learn, re-energize, and re-boot in continuing the theme of the 2010 Congress.

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July 21, 2010
STC-ACHE Summer Educational Program
San Antonio, Texas 

August 6, 2010
ACHE Board of Governors Exam Preparation Seminar
San Antonio, Texas 

October 22, 2010
STC-ACHE Fall Educational Program
San Antonio, Texas

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