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Angelo A. Armondo, MHA FACHE
Vice President
David A. Tapia, MBA, FACHE
Immediate Past President
Amjed Baghdadi, MHA, MBA, FACHE
Stacy Foremski
MAJ (Ret) Ming Wong, MBA, FACHE
President's Message Winter 2014
Angelo A. Armondo, MHA, FACHE, President, STC-ACHE

It’s hard to believe that another 3 months has come and gone! The end of one year and the beginning of the next, gives us time to reflect on the past year’s events and plan for the new year.  Each year, your Chapter conducts just such a review of the past year to determine how the Board of Directors (BOD) can plan and conduct the next year’s activities better.  This past year, the Chapter’s 2013 Year-end BOD Meeting occurred on Wednesday, December 4, 2013.  During this meeting, we wrapped up and reviewed the Chapter’s business from 2013.  On Saturday morning, December 7, 2013, the BOD went to an off-site location and conducted our Strategic Planning Conference (SPC) to plan our activities for 2014.  We were aided in this process by having a very special guest here to assist us.  Terra Levin, our Regional Director from ACHE National was here to observe and assist us in conducting our SPC.  It was a joy to have her and as she circulated among the 5 workgroups, she provided invaluable insights into what National was planning in each of these functional areas.  We had 18 members of the BOD present for this SPC and they were split among 5 workgroups:



                                                Programs & Events

                                                Finance and



In the area of Governance, it was proposed to add a Director of Diversity, to establish up to 4 At-large Director positions, and to re-evaluate our Membership Needs Assessment.


In the area of Communication, it was proposed to expand the Chapters involvement in various Social Media to “get our word out”.  It was decided that the Communication Committee will act as the primary point for the distribution of information to Chapter Members.  Previously, several Directors had responsibility to advertise the events their Committees were responsible for conducting.


In the area of Programs/Events, a new Educational Series was proposed in addition to the Chapter’s normal quarterly Educational Events.  This new series, entitled the Speaker Series, is designed to be a short, hard hitting, one hour presentation on a topic of critical interest to senior healthcare executives, as well as, a pleasant networking event for the attendees.  Closer coordination with the 2 Local Program Councils was also envisioned.  Due to their high popularity, a significant increase in the number of Philanthropic Events is scheduled for this year (4 to 7) with a goal of potentially increasing these to monthly events.


In the area of Finance, procedures that have been followed by the Chapter are being codified into the Bylaws. The new BOD Policy and Code of Ethics is currently being revised from the first effort draft created last year.


In the area of Strategy, the BOD performed a SWOT Analysis of the South Texas Chapter:

Strengths: Governing Documents; Leadership Structure; Educational, Philanthropic, Advancement, and Networking activities; strong military contingent; and HENS network;

Weaknesses: Developing volunteers, fully-staffed committees and succession planning;

and membership growth;

Opportunities: Establishing the Member-at-Large positions to provide guidance and assistance to specific committees or for specific projects to improve the Chapter; initiating a viable Sponsorship Program; increasing visibility, branding and member incentives; and

Threats: Overly committed key volunteers; Succession Planning; and lack of Membership Participation.


The SPC also addressed and tabled some highly desirable activities including: developing career services and providing classes on how to use Social Media.  These areas will be pursued as additional resources (volunteers) are obtained!


The Board of Directors and I wish each of you a successful year, both personally and professionally.  We invite you to come and enhance your professional development and networking with your local Chapter, the South Texas Chapter, ACHE.  We are here for you!


Collegially yours,


Angelo A. Armondo, MHA, FACHE

President, South Texas Chapter

American College of Healthcare Executives

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