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News from ACHE National

New and Innovative Features at 2019 Congress

ACHE invites you to join us at the 2019 Congress on Healthcare Leadership, March 4–7, Hilton Chicago/Palmer House Hilton, for countless opportunities to innovate, collaborate, grow and transform. Here are some of the new and innovative features of the 2019 Congress:

  • Attendees can focus their learning experience by choosing one of four different educational tracks: business operations, care delivery innovations, leadership and patient safety.
  • Individuals who drop by the Innovation Theater can attend short lectures and presentations on a variety of healthcare topics, visit with representatives from universities with healthcare management programs or simply relax and recharge between sessions.
  • Recommended educational session lists focused on issues related to diversity and inclusion, physician executives, nurse executives and building resiliency.
  • Healthcare leaders can discuss current challenges and solutions, and network with their peers over breakfast. Networking Roundtable Breakfast groups cover CEOs, COOs, early careerists, healthcare consultants, group practices, managed care systems, nurses, physicians, post-acute/chronic care systems and rural healthcare executives.
  • The new Lead Through Lean Boot Camp will take participants through a series of proof-of-concept exercises that will demonstrate and motivate people to embrace and implement Lean practices in a more consistent and effective manner.
  • Explore cutting-edge solutions to persistent challenges with 22 featured faculty, representing some of the top thought leaders, in a variety of healthcare hot-topic areas.
  • The enhanced Connections Center offers education, networking and a place to relax between Congress sessions. This hub is located on the lower level of the Hilton Chicago.
  • Health Administration Press pop-ups around Congress will stock textbooks, professional books and resources, and the new Board of Governors Exam Study Bundle, which includes the BOG Exam Flashcards and four-book Study Set.
  • ACHE’s Career Resource Center Team has added a bonus Ask the Career Coach session on Sunday, March 3, and a bonus Give Your Resume a Competitive Edge session on Thursday, March 7.

Learn more and save your spot today at congress/ache.org.

New Career Development Sessions at Congress

For the first time, the ACHE Career Resource Center will offer two complimentary career development sessions at Congress:

  • Ask the Career Coach
    This session will provide you with guidelines to strengthen your competitive edge in today’s healthcare marketplace and open the floor to discuss your individual career-related questions.
  • Give Your Resume a Competitive Edge
    Common pitfalls and best practices regarding your resume are the focus of this session designed to help you maximize your results when using this search tool in pursuit of new opportunities.
In addition to these two sessions, the Career Resource Center will be on-site with an array of services to support you in navigating career success in healthcare management. Services will include complimentary LinkedIn headshots, opportunities for employers to connect with potential candidates and more.
For additional information about Career Development Programs and Resources at Congress, explore Career Services on the 2019 Congress on Healthcare Leadership website.

Fellow Status: Your Members' Next Step in Career Advancement

The importance of earning the distinction of board certification as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives cannot be overstated. Encouraging your chapter members to take the next step in advancing their careers by achieving Fellow status benefits their professional goals and the healthcare management profession as it demonstrates a healthcare leader’s competence, leadership skills and commitment to excellence in the field.

Fellow applicants who successfully meet all requirements by Dec. 31, 2019, including passing the Board of Governors Examination, will be eligible to participate in the 2020 Convocation Ceremony at the 2020 Congress on Healthcare Leadership.

Complimentary Resources for the BOG Exam Available

For Members starting on the FACHE® journey to board certification and the FACHE credential, several resources are available. These complimentary resources include quarterly Advancement Information webinars, designed to supplement other Board of Governors Exam study resources, such as the Board of Governors Review Course or Online Tutorial.

Opportunity to List Your Postgraduate Fellowship

As a healthcare leader, you know how crucial it is to attract and develop highly qualified professionals in your organization. If your organization is offering a postgraduate fellowship, we encourage you to add it to ACHE's complimentary Directory of Postgraduate Administrative Fellowships at ache.org/Postgrad. You may add a new listing or update a previous one at any time by completing the online listing form. The directory can help you gain exposure and start attracting top-notch applicants to your program. 

Questions? Please contact Audrey Meyer, membership coordinator, at (312) 424-9308, or via email at ameyer@ache.org, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time.

ACHE Announces Nominating Committee 2019 Slate

The ACHE Nominating Committee has agreed on a slate for presentation to the Council of Regents on March 2 at the Council of Regents meeting in Chicago. All nominees have been notified and have agreed to serve if elected. All terms begin at the close of the Council meeting on March 2. The 2019 slate is as follows:

Nominating Committee Member, District 2 (two-year term ending in 2021)

Donald G. Henderson, FACHE
Central Florida Health
Leesburg, Fla.

Nominating Committee Member, District 3 (two-year term ending in 2021)

David A. Stark, FACHE
UnityPoint Health
Des Moines, Iowa

Nominating Committee Member, District 6 (two-year term ending in 2021)

COL Mark D. Swofford, PhD, FACHE
U.S. Army

Governor (three-year term ending in 2022)

Kurt A. Barwis, FACHE
Bristol (Conn.) Hospital & Health Care Group Inc.

Governor (three-year term ending in 2022)

Brian C. Doheny, FACHE
Associate Vice President
Humana Inc.
Louisville, Ky.

Governor (three-year term ending in 2022)

Michael A. Mayo, FACHE
Hospital President
Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville (Fla.)

Governor (three-year term ending in 2022)

Mary C. Starmann-Harrison, RN, FACHE
Hospital Sisters Health System
Springfield, Ill.


Michael J. Fosina, FACHE
NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital
Bronxville, N.Y.

Thanks to the members of the Nominating Committee for their contributions in this important assignment:

Edward H. Lamb, FACHE
Charles D. Stokes, FACHE
Chisun S. Chun, FACHE
Dolores G. Clement, DrPH, FACHE
Carle-Marie P. Memnon, FACHE
Stephen J. Pribyl, LFACHE
Michael O. Ugwueke, DHA, FACHE
Adam C. Walmus, FACHE

ACHE Call for Nominations for the 2020 Slate

ACHE’s 2019–2020 Nominating Committee is calling for applications for service beginning in 2020. ACHE Fellows are eligible for any of the Governor and Chairman-Elect vacancies and are eligible for the Nominating Committee vacancies within their district. Those interested in pursuing applications should review the candidate guidelines for the competencies and qualifications required for these important roles. Open positions on the slate include:

  • Nominating Committee Member, District 1 (two-year term ending in 2022)
  • Nominating Committee Member, District 4 (two-year term ending in 2022)
  • Nominating Committee Member, District 5 (two-year term ending in 2022)
  • Four Governors (three-year terms ending in 2023)
  • Chairman-Elect

Please refer to the following district designations for the open positions:

  • District 1: Canada, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont
  • District 4: Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas
  • District 5: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Candidates for Chairman-Elect and Governor should submit an application to serve that includes a copy of their resume and up to 10 letters of support. For details, please review qualifications for open positions that are listed in the Candidate Guidelines, including guidance from the Board of Governors to the Nominating Committee regarding the personal competencies of Chairman-Elect and Governor candidates and the composition of the Board of Governors.

Candidates for the Nominating Committee should submit a letter of self-nomination and a copy of their resume.

Applications to serve and self-nominations must be submitted electronically to jnolan@ache.org and must be received by July 15. All correspondence should be addressed to Charles D. Stokes, FACHE, chairman, Nominating Committee, c/o Julie Nolan, American College of Healthcare Executives, 300 S. Riverside Plaza, Ste. 1900, Chicago, IL 60606-6698.

The first meeting of ACHE’s 2019–2020 Nominating Committee will be held on March 5, during the 2019 Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago. The committee will be in open session at 2:45 p.m. During the meeting, an orientation session will be conducted for potential candidates, giving them the opportunity to ask questions regarding the nominating process. Immediately following the orientation, an open forum will be provided for ACHE members to present and discuss their views of ACHE leadership needs.

Following the July 15 submission deadline, the committee will meet to determine which candidates for Chairman-Elect and Governor will be interviewed. All candidates will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision by Sept. 30, and candidates for Chairman-Elect and Governor will be interviewed in person on Oct. 24.

To review the Candidate Guidelines, visit ache.org/CandidateGuidelines. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Nolan at (312) 424-9367 or jnolan@ache.org.

ACHE Call for Nominations for Regent-at-Large

The ACHE Board of Governors is calling for applications to serve as Regent-at-Large in Districts 1, 5 and 6 beginning in March 2020. ACHE Fellows are eligible for Regent-at-Large vacancies within their district. 

  • District 1 consists of Canada, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont
  • District 5 consists of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.
  • District 6 consists of the Uniformed Services/Veterans Affairs.

The goal of the Board of Governors in appointing Regents-at-Large is to diversify the Council of Regents. The purpose of the Regent-at-Large is to promote diversity in the governance of ACHE with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. For further details, please refer to ACHE’s Statement on Diversity. The responsibilities of the Regent-at-Large—including suggested knowledge, skills and experience for the role—are included in the position description. Appointments will be made by the Board of Governors in November 2019. Candidates should not directly contact members of the Board of Governors to request letters of support.

Fellows from Districts 1, 5 and 6 may apply to serve by sending a letter and resume (see specifications below) to Caitlin E. Stine, communications specialist, Division of Regional Services, at cstine@ache.org and they must be received by Aug. 23. All candidates will be listed on ache.org in the Membership section under the heading “Regent-at-Large Declared Candidates.” Any candidate not listed by Aug. 30 should contact Stine immediately. If prospective candidates have any questions about the application process, they should contact Stine.

Application specifications
To be considered, applications must include:

  • A statement, in the form of a letter, by the candidate that addresses his or her qualifications for the position, including the demographic characteristics, knowledge, skills and experience.
  • A professional resume of education and work experience.

Candidates may include up to two letters of support for their candidacy. Letters of support may not be solicited from current members of the ACHE Board of Governors.


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