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Roxanne Rosa, MHA, FACHE  


Immediate Past President

Mary Anne Weidner, MHA


Amber Abby, MHA

President's Message Summer 2020
Roxanne Rosa, FACHE

Dear Members,

As I write this, on the anniversary of 9/11, I am taken back to a time when the world as we knew it was undone and so much of what we took for granted was shaken.  It was our determination as a community and people that allowed us to persist and prevail.  Today, as we face another unprecedented situation, I am comforted by the same certainty that we can and will move forward together.  Thank you to everyone who had a role in responding during 9/11 and those stepping forward as heroes today.

The chapter is looking for ways to continue to provide as much value as possible to our members during this minimal contact time.  Look for upcoming virtual events for qualified, face-to-face, volunteer, and social networking opportunities and visit both the local and national ACHE websites for further information.





Roxanne Rosa, FACHE

President-South Texas Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives 


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