South Texas Chapter - Summer 2011 Volume 4 (2)  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Message From The STC ACHE President
•  Message from the Regent - Texas Central & South
•  Healthcare Leadership: Thoughts From My Foxhole
•  Member and Community Leadership
•  Recertifying With ACHE This Year?
•  11 Things to Look for in a Tablet Computer
•  Ground Broken For New Air Force Surgical Center
•  CDC & NIH Update Guidelines to Protect Patients From Bloodstream Infections
•  Partnership For Patients To Improve Care and Lower Costs For Americans
•  Summer Reading List
•  Request for Hot Topic eNewletter Articles
•  Ensure delivery of Chapter E-newsletter (Disclaimer)


Message From The STC ACHE President

Karla Krueger-Strawn, MHA

Membership is essential to the success of our Chapter. Membership creates the associations and networking opportunities that are vital to the mission of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), as a professional society for healthcare executives. 

Currently, the STC-ACHE has approximately 735 members. In December of 2010, the STC-ACHE Board of Directors set a goal to increase membership to 850 members by 2012. The Board has begun to implement several initiatives to boost membership, to include: retaining the membership of student associates as they transition to full membership; maintaining involvement of uniformed service members as they move in and out of the South Texas region; and increasing involvement of senior level and c-suite level executives.

Membership is also addressed and recognized at ACHE nationally. Each year at the Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago, the ACHE recognizes Chapters that have delivered high quality services to its membership at the local level. To receive an award, a Chapter must score or reach a certain level on the following performance standards: Education & Networking Performance; Level of Member Satisfaction; Advancement of Eligible Members; and Net Membership Growth. For the past several years, the

STC-ACHE has received an award based on our performance in these areas. The STC-ACHE continues to set Chapter membership as a priority, while at the same time, ensuring meaningful programming and networking opportunities for the membership. This brings about a challenge for the Chapter as we strive to meet the needs and professional goals of members at all levels in their careers. 

I encourage each of you to contact a colleague who is not currently a member of ACHE and invite him/her to our next program or event. Remember, when you join ACHE at a national level, you automatically become a member of a Chapter and are added to our email group for communication.

Come and see what the STC-ACHE Chapter has to offer and help us continue to grow ACHE and this Chapter as a premier professional organization.