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Philanthropy and Community Relations

Philanthropy and Community Relations Director, Ricardo Villarreal

As the new Philanthropy & Community Relations chair, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to the chapter. I am Ricardo Villarreal; I have been an ACHE and chapter member for over a decade. I am originally from Laredo but have called San Antonio home since 2004.

I have an untraditional background in that I went to medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico and practiced there for a short time before coming to San Antonio. Rather than going through the extensive process of revalidating and doing my residency here, I decided to get an MBA in healthcare management at Our Lady of the Lake University. After graduation I wanted to serve in military, and I joined the Army Reserves. This combination allowed me to work in the community and serve as a Medical Service Corps Officer. My work has centered around healthcare quality, patient safety and process improvement at different organizational levels. I have worked in local hospitals and as a consultant/contractor for the Air Force, VA and CMS.

Three years ago my wife took a job in San Francisco, and we decided to move. For the sake of work-life balance, I went back to grad school thanks to the GI Bill. I graduated with a master’s in leadership with a specialization in business analytics from Golden Gate University just as COVID emerged in 2020. I continued on the same path and attended UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, all while moving back home and conducting virtual classes with my two boys (6 & 8 years old). Now that my wife is able to work remotely and kids are back in school, things seemed to be settling down.

Leave it to me to get restless and get into trouble. Not only have I decided to serve the chapter as chair of the Philanthropy & Community Relations, but I am running for office in Congressional District 21. I am committed to the success of both causes, excited for what the new year brings to us, and look forward to meeting and working with other chapter members.

On that note, I want to share the goals for the upcoming year. As a P&CR Committee, we want to provide members with different opportunities for philanthropic activities and community involvement. To meet these objectives, the committee will be working on these initiatives:

  • Offer at least one quality philanthropic event each quarter

  • Reach out to new organizations to offer volunteer activities.

  • Participate in philanthropic community activities to help raise awareness of the Chapter and its mission and vision.

  • Continue meaningful collaboration/partnership with other organizations on behalf of the profession of healthcare management.

  • Investigate ways to brand ourselves with T-shirts with chapter logo, etc. when volunteering.

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