December 2016
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Message from Your ACHE Regent - Fall 2016
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Senior Executive Networking Breakfast a Success!
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Access Complimentary Resources for the Board of Governors Exam
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THEF's 2016 Board

Jessica Landin, FACHE,

Neil Kinard, FACHE, 
Immediate Past President 

Will Holding, 

Kate Mekeel,

Simeon Furman,
Education Co-chair

Heather Jacobson,
Education Co-Chair

Frank Manole,
Education Co-Chair

Swati Bhardwaj, 
Fellowship Advancement Chair

Katie Price, 
Communications Co-Chair

Joyce Tucker Harper,
Communications Co-Chair

Heather Bogan,
Sponsorship Co-Chair

Maryanne Volkringer,
Sponsorship Co-Chair

Erika Blackston,
Membership/Volunteer Chair

Access Complimentary Resources for the Board of Governors Exam
For Members starting on the journey to attain board certification and the FACHE® credential, ACHE offers complimentary resources to help them succeed so they can be formally recognized for their competency, professionalism, ethical decision making and commitment to lifelong learning. These resources, which include the Exam Online Community, the Board of Governors Examination in Healthcare Management Reference Manual and quarterly Advancement Information webinars, are designed to be supplements to other available Board of Governors Exam study resources, such as the Board of Governors Review Course and Online Tutorial. 

The Exam Online Community is an interactive platform to learn and glean study tips from other Members taking the Exam. Participants can discuss Exam topics with experts and have the option to participate in study groups. Interested Members may join the Exam Online Community at

The Reference Manual, found at, includes a practice 230-question exam and answer key, a list of recommended readings, test-taker comments and study tips. 

Fellow Advancement Information webinars provide a general overview of the Fellow advancement process, including information about the Board of Governors Exam, and allow participants to ask questions about the advancement process.
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