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Annual THEF Meeting Set For November 6, 2008
Message from the Regent
THEF Receives Award of Chapter Merit
THEF Members Learned About Simulation Training At Summer Meeting
THEF Officers Met With Pfeiffer MHA Students
Evidence Based Medicine Topic of Spring Meeting
Get ready, get set, mentor
Take charge of your own success
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National News

Chapter Officers


Erwin R. Stainback, FACHE
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center


Robert E. Byrd, FACHE
Alamance Regional Medical Center


Christine Sternjacob
Novant Health Triad Region


Paul A. Jeffrey
Wesley Long Community Hospital
- Moses Cone Health System


Linda Roney, FACHE
High Point Regional Health System

Take charge of your own success

Stop making excuses or blaming circumstances beyond your control. The truth is that your own actions and decisions are the greatest determinants of your success or failure. Take action now by choosing one or more of these strategies to implement today:

* Improve the company you keep. Toxic relationships drain your energy. Associating with positive people who are concerned with their own success is every bit as important to your health and energy level as are exercising and eating right.

* Use what you sell or make. Familiarize yourself with the benefits your product or service delivers. You will gain insight that makes you more productive and efficient.

* Build your contact list. Talk to people every day. Don’t concentrate only on people who can buy from you or who can add value to your network. Focus on meeting new people and adding value to their lives, and the benefits will come.

* Boost someone up. Each day, share a positive story or an encouraging word with someone you encounter. Show your respect, appreciation and approval with a quick chat, note or phone call. You will build both positive energy and your network of supporters.

* Set aside time to plan. For at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, spend time focusing on your progress and your goals, making adjustments and savoring your success.

Article adapted from Communications Briefings, February 2008, (570) 567-1982;

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

THEF Annual Dinner Meeting

See article for more information


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