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Message from the Regent - Spring 2009
by Fred T. Brown, Jr., FACHE

Greetings all. I hope your spring is off to a good start, that this season of renewal is helping to give us all a positive outlook on the future, and that ACHE will be of great benefit to you, your organization and the communities you serve this year and beyond.

The ACHE year in North Carolina has started well with ACHE Chairman, Charles R. Evans, FACHE, speaking February 19, at the ACHE breakfast at the North Carolina Hospital Association winter meeting. Many in attendance said it was the “best ever!” breakfast program. Charlie’s talk was inspirational and thoughtful. For those of you that would like to order the CD played at the end of the program, just send me your email address and I will send you the information. Congratulations to Regent’s Award winners Kenneth W. Wood, FACHE, President and CEO of Blue Ridge Health System, (Senior Executive) , Mark Billings, President and COO Presbyterian Health Care, and to David H. Long Jr., FACHE, President and CEO of Pender Memorial Hospital (early careerists).

The ACHE Congress in March in Chicago was well attended even in these challenging economic times. I have now sat on the stage twice and watched over three hundred new Fellows be honored for their accomplishment. For those of you working on your Fellow status, I urge you to try to be physically present at Congress. You will never regret it. Remember that I will have up to six tuition vouchers for this year. I usually make these available to people in job transition as a first priority and then to members whose organization will not fund tuition for the meeting.

On April 16 I attended a very well done program put on by the Triangle Healthcare Executives’ Forum and the UNC ACHE student chapter. The topic of the discussion was the healthcare executive’s role in health policy. On April 29, not to be outdone by THEF, the Greater Charlotte Healthcare Executives, along with UNC Charlotte ACHE student chapter, hosted a very well attended panel discussion on career development. I am looking forward to being with our other two chapters (Triad Healthcare Executive Forum and Sandhills Healthcare Executives Forum) later this summer. Also you will soon receive a “save the date” card from the South Carolina ACHE Chapter inviting you to a two day ACHE forum in October in Charleston. (Plenty of education hours and best seafood on the Carolina Coast!). Thanks to South Carolina Regent John C. Hales Jr., FACHE, for inviting us.

Did you know that there are six academic programs that offer healthcare management degrees in North Carolina? These include Duke, Appalachian State University, University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, Pfeiffer University, Fayetteville State University, and Methodist University. I also just read that Wingate University will soon offer an MBA with a concentration in healthcare management. I encourage Fellows especially to offer your time and talent to these programs as they are producing tomorrow’s leaders.

Lastly I am going to tell you about how old I am. When I played Little League Baseball, I wanted to be a catcher because Yogi Berra was my favorite player. My second favorite player was Jackie Robinson. As you know Mr. Robinson was the first black player in major league baseball. I did not know that when I was eight, but I knew he tried harder and hustled more than any other player and I decided I was going to do the same.

In college I used one of Jackie Robinson’s quotes in an essay and got an “A” (did not happen often). He said in 1954 “I believe in the human race. I believe in the warm heart. I believe in man’s integrity. I believe in the goodness of a free society. And I believe that the society can remain good only as long as we are willing to fight for it- and to fight against whatever imperfections that may exist.”

What a leader he was! What courage he showed! Think about what he said and how it can apply to what you and I try to do every day. Health problems, poor access to care and like issues keep people and therefore our society from becoming a more perfect nation. We are facing challenging economic times and at the same time trying to improve the Nation’s healthcare system, provide coverage to all, and to improve our collective health status which by other nation’s standards is not that great. We need healthcare versions of Jackie Robinson and a lot of them. From what I have seen recently in the good accomplishments of healthcare leaders in the Tar Heel State, we have some Jackie Robinsons and we will get there if we fight hard, with integrity and a belief in our great Nation.

It is a privilege to be your Regent.

Fred T. Brown, Jr., FACHE
Regent for North Carolina



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