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Chapter Officers


Robert E. Byrd, FACHE
Alamance Regional Medical Center


Christine L. Sternjacob
Novant Health Triad Region


Paul A. Jeffrey
Wesley Long Community Hospital Moses Cone Health System


Pamela M. Sinclair, FACHE
High Point Regional Health System

Samuel B. Seifert
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

THEF Goals for 2009
by Bob Byrd, FACHE

At its January 6, 2009 meeting, the THEF Board of Directors adopted the goals below for 2009.  Any feedback from members on these goals or any suggestions regarding chapter functions would be most welcomed.  Please feel free to contact any THEF board member or myself at  Your support or assistance on achieving any of these goals would be appreciated.  Remember, this is your chapter of our professional society.  Thank you.



  1. Provide four combined social and educational programs for THEF members and other health care management professionals.
    a. Obtain ACHE Category I approval for at least two educational programs.
  2. Provide an ACHE Board of Governors Examination preparation course.
  3. Conduct a successful Scholarship Program.
  4. Produce four high quality, interesting Quarterly Chapter Newsletters.
  5. Improve the THEF website for content and currency.
  6. Obtain 24 new members (based on 2008 goal).
  7. Have 2 members pass the Board of Governors Examination (based on 2008 goal).
  8. Have 8 members advance to Fellow (based on 2008 goal).
  9. Increase participation of membership in THEF activities.
    a. Improve awareness of automatic THEF membership of area ACHE affiliates through targeted  communications and activities.
    b. Provide frequent and timely announcements of THEF programs.
    c. Promote THEF as our professional society and the benefits of being involved.
    d. Achieve an average attendance at THEF programs of 40.
  10. Increase the participation of senior executives in THEF activities.
    a. Involve CEOs as presenters at THEF programs.
    b. Invite one or more CEOs to serve as an advisor to THEF activities.
  11. Achieve a Member Satisfaction Score of 8.0.
  12. Have representation at the ACHE Congress.
  13. Have representation at the ACHE Chapter Leaders Conference.

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BOG Advancement Prep Seminar
Fundamentals of Healthcare Management
Saturday, June 27th

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