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Robert E. Byrd, FACHE
Alamance Regional Medical Center


Christine L. Sternjacob
Novant Health Triad Region


Paul A. Jeffrey
Wesley Long Community Hospital Moses Cone Health System


Pamela M. Sinclair, FACHE
High Point Regional Health System

Samuel B. Seifert
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Management by delegation

Here are some key points to remember so you can effectively delegate:

  • Stress results, not details. Make it clear to your staff that you are more concerned about the final outcome of all projects, rather than the day-to-day details that accompany them.
  • Turn the questions around. If an employee comes to you with a problem, ask him or her for possible solutions. If an employee comes to you with a question, ask for possible answers.
  • Establish measurable and concrete objectives. With all staff members, make your objectives clear and specific. Once this is done, your staff will feel more comfortable acting on their own. Think of this plan as a road map and your staff will too.
  • Develop reporting systems. Get your feedback from reporting systems: monthly reports, statistical data or samplings. Or consider weekly meetings with staff.
  • Give strict and realistic deadlines. If you don’t give clear deadlines, employees won’t feel accountable for the completion of their tasks.
  • Keep a delegation log. When you delegate an assignment, jot it down, so you will be able to monitor the progress.
  • Recognize the talents and personalities of your staff. Being a good delegator is like being a good coach of a baseball team. You have to know what projects each staff member can handle, and what projects they can’t.

Adapted from The Manager’s Intelligence Report; (800) 878-5331;

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