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Which of the following statements most closely aligns with your thinking about health care reform:

Iím generally in favor, but have some issues with some of the provisions.
Iím generally in favor but there are some real deal breakers I cannot support.
Congress should start over and consider more conserative approaches.
There is nothing wrong with our current system that a little minor tweaking couldnít fix.
The current bills don't reform enough; we need a single payor system.


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Robert E. Byrd, FACHE
Alamance Regional Medical Center


Christine L. Sternjacob
Novant Health – Triad Region


Paul A. Jeffrey
Wesley Long Community Hospital – Moses Cone Health System


Pamela M. Sinclair, FACHE
High Point Regional Health System

Samuel B. Seifert
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Message from the President
by Bob Byrd, FACHE

As the year, and my term as president, is drawing to a close, I thought it would be useful to reflect on the chapter’s activities over the past year and how well the chapter carried out its mission.  Mission, you ask?  THEF has a mission?  Yes, indeed.  You know, that statement that tells why an organization exists, its purpose, who it serves, what it does.  It all starts with mission. THEF’s mission is to be the professional membership society for Triad area healthcare executives; to meet its members’ professional, educational, and leadership needs; to promote high ethical standards and conduct; to advance healthcare leadership and management excellence; and to promote the mission of ACHE (which, simply, is to advance our members and healthcare management excellence).

What did the chapter this year do to further our mission?  Your board of directors worked hard on many fronts, accomplishing most of the goals set by ourselves and some of the goals established by ACHE.
For starters, the chapter conducted four excellent combined social and educational programs.  For the first time in THEF history, two of the educational programs each qualified for ACHE 1.5 Category I Credits.  Program titles were “Leading in Difficult Times,” “The Healthcare Executive’s Role in IT Decisions,” “The Healthcare Organization’s Role in Formulating Public Policy,” and “Health Law Update.”  Speakers and panelists at these programs were first class.  Average attendance was 38.75, just shy of our goal of 40. Total attendance at chapter events was up over 12% over last year.  We had good senior executive participation at these programs (one of our goals), especially at the two Category I panel discussions.

Your chapter held an ACHE Board of Governors Examination advancement seminar entitled “Fundamentals of Healthcare Management” in September.  This was certainly a low cost, local option to attend this valuable seminar without having to travel to Chicago or some other distant metropolitan area.  The dozen or so people who attended provided excellent feedback.  Of course, the ultimate goal is for more THEF members to pass the Board of Governors Examination and advance to Fellow.  On that point, we’re falling a little short of our goal of having 4 members pass the exam this year (one did so far – congratulations to you, Mr. Preslar), but the year is not over.  C’mon, you exam-eligible members!

Your chapter conducted a successful scholarship program.  The purpose of the THEF Scholarship is to provide financial support to professionals of member organizations in the Triad who are pursuing further graduate level education for a career in healthcare management. A scholarship or scholarships of up to $1,500.00 are awarded each year on the basis of an applicant’s past academic success and likelihood for future success.  This year we had three winning candidates who had outstanding applications:  Kristy Holt (Moses Cone Health System), Tracey Grazyer (Alamance Regional Medical Center), and Kathy Morrison (Women’s Hospital, Moses Cone Health System).  All three are MHA students at Pfeiffer University.  Congratulations to each of you.

Your chapter produced four quarterly newsletters (you’re reading the fourth), which I hope you will agree, have helped to keep our members connected to the chapter.  Of course, suggestions for articles that will make your newsletter more effective, interesting, and relevant are always welcomed.

The chapter website was reactivated and updated.   Watch for even more improvements in the future.

Our chapter membership is strong, currently at 197 members.  This is a 4% increase over the 189 members at the end of last year.  New members are listed elsewhere in this newsletter.  There are still those who have let their membership lapse who could take advantage of AHCE’s special pricing offer to renew now and continue into the next year, so our end-of-year membership could be greater yet.  C’mon, you lapsed affiliates!

As reported elsewhere in this newsletter, our member satisfaction score, on a scale of 1 to 10, was 7.5, slightly less than the ACHE 7.7 standard set by the ACHE as an Award of Chapter Excellence Indicator, and less than our self-imposed goal of 8.0.  However, it was better than our score of 7.0 last year, and it was better than the mean satisfaction score of all chapters nationally of 6.9.

Four of our members became Fellows this past year; the percent of THEF members who are Fellows is now 24%.  Congratulations to those four, who also are listed elsewhere in this newsletter.  The 2009 ACHE standard for the Award of Chapter Excellence Indicator is to have 8 new Fellow designates or Fellows.  There is still time to meet this standard if just 4 more former Diplomates meet the requirements to advance to Fellow by the December 31 deadline.  C’mon, you former Diplomates!

My conclusion of all of this is that the Triad Healthcare Executive Forum is a vibrant organization that is effectively carrying out its mission of being your professional society.  We can improve, certainly.  This is your society; it is up to the members to leverage the resources of the chapter to realize the many benefits that such a society can bring.  I’m speaking of benefits such as professional advancement, knowledge and continuing education, networking and relationship building, the furthering of professional ethics and standards, and the furthering of leadership and management excellence.
Thanks to all who have helped make this a successful year for THEF.  It has been an honor and privilege to have served as your president.  Special thanks go to my fellow board members, Christine, Pam, Paul, and Sam, for all of their hard work and support.  Thanks to all of those who have participated at chapter events and activities.  Please continue to stay involved in the chapter.   It helps all of us as we advance our chosen profession.

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