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Dec. 31 Advancement Deadline for Former Diplomates
2009 New Members, New Fellows, and Recertified Fellows
Annual Dinner Meeting Held November 12, 2009
Summer Meeting/Program Had Distinguished Panel
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Make Listening a Key Component of Your Leadership Strategy
Sharing Information Key to Your Companyís Health
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Which of the following statements most closely aligns with your thinking about health care reform:

Iím generally in favor, but have some issues with some of the provisions.
Iím generally in favor but there are some real deal breakers I cannot support.
Congress should start over and consider more conserative approaches.
There is nothing wrong with our current system that a little minor tweaking couldnít fix.
The current bills don't reform enough; we need a single payor system.


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Chapter Officers


Robert E. Byrd, FACHE
Alamance Regional Medical Center


Christine L. Sternjacob
Novant Health – Triad Region


Paul A. Jeffrey
Wesley Long Community Hospital – Moses Cone Health System


Pamela M. Sinclair, FACHE
High Point Regional Health System

Samuel B. Seifert
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Dec. 31 Advancement Deadline for Former Diplomates

Detailed advancement status information is on for those affiliates who are close to becoming a Fellow of ACHE. This includes former Diplomates who did not meet the requirements to advance on Jan. 1, 2007.

This group was not required to submit a Fellow application; however, if former Diplomates do not advance by Dec. 31, 2009, they will be required to submit a Fellow application and pay the $250 application fee. In September, chapter presidents received a list of the former Diplomates in their chapters. Please encourage these individuals to go to to review their status regarding advancement requirements. Many former Diplomates need only a few hours of Category I (ACHE education) credit or to document their Category II (non-ACHE education) hours. Some affiliates may only need to submit information to ACHE for review.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Center at (312) 424-9400 or at           

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