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Chapter Officers


Pamela M. Sinclair, FACHE 
Advanced Home Care


Samuel B. Seifert
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Secretary- Treasurer

Preston Hammock 
Alamance Regional Medical Center


Wendy P. Hicks
Forsythe Medical Center, Novant Health 

Johnny Veal
Lexington Memorial Hopsital

Immediate Past President 

Paul A. Jeffrey
Wesley Long Community Hospital – Moses Cone Health System

Message from the Regent
John Roberts, FACHE

“Can you remember where you were when…..”
I have heard that comment before. Many of us can probably mark significant times in our lives by certain events and remember exactly where we were or what we were doing at the time. Can you remember where you were or what you were doing when:

-  Osama bin Laden was killed in May, 2011?
-  Elvis died in 1977? (I lived in Tupelo, MS for a while, his birthplace. His death was and still is a big deal there.)
-  President Kennedy was killed in 1963? (I know most of you were not born yet; I was in middle school.)
-  My Auburn Tigers won the NCAA National Championship in January, 2011. (Sorry, it is a significant event for me.)
-  Terrorists attacked our country on September 11, 2001. (I was on Capitol Hill in DC that day attending a legislative event. I will never forget that day. We were told to evacuate the House of Representatives office building. I could see smoke rising in the distance from the Pentagon after one of the planes crashed into it. I remember F-15s flying overhead. It was very scary; I prayed really hard that day.)
So, what do these major events have to do with ACHE, Regent messages, our profession or our jobs? Probably not too much, but my point is that there can be major happenings that can affect our lives and in some cases can affect our society and culture.
I want to recommend a fine article for your reading and study. Author Joe Flower recently posted “The Power in What We Most Fear” on H&HN Daily on September 20, 2011. You can find it here:
Mr. Flower writes about a very significant event about to happen…or may be about to happen; Healthcare Reform. Mr. Flower begins the article with this line; “Health care is more unstable than it has been at any time in living memory. That is pretty scary…” Mr. Flower ends his article with these lines; “The time span is short, the speed accelerating. Given the pace of change of a huge, politically embedded system like health care, this is probably a unique opportunity in our professional lives. Once the system re-concretes, it is not likely that we will have another such opportunity any time soon. We in health care deal in contracts and budgets and programs and percentages, but these numbers and documents represent real life and death, real suffering and poverty. If you hope, in your life, to do good in the world, now’s the time.”

You have to read the entire article to appreciate how this significant event might come down. I hope you will read it.
There will not be a single event that reforms healthcare. There won’t be a specific date we can attach to it. None of us will actually be able to say “I remember where I was when healthcare was reformed.” But I will remember Joe Flower’s comment “…this is probably a unique opportunity in our professional lives…If you hope, in your life, to do good in the world, now is the time…”
Cheers to all.

John Roberts, FACHE
ACHE Regent for North Carolina

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